Die Casting Aluminum Brackets Hardware

Die Casting Aluminum Brackets Hardware. Brackets are used in a lot of industries today to create various products. These brackets are simple parts in many products such as lighting fixtures, chocolate fountains, aircrafts, automobiles and it is even used in construction. Its purpose is to make sure that other parts in the product does not move and stays in place. In construction, brackets are used so that the beams stay in the proper angles while they are being built. With that, it is very important that these brackets are strong enough to bear the weight of the part that they are holding, which is why aluminum is the choice material. Aluminum Brackets Hardware has several advantages over the use of other metals such as steel.

The first advantage of an Aluminum Brackets Hardware is that it weighs significantly less than steel made brackets, in fact it is just a third of its weight. Secondly, aluminum is just as strong and just as durable as steel, but it is far cheaper. Aluminum can be harvested in most parts of the world which is why it can be easily procured. Lastly, in making steel brackets workers need to weld pieces together. These welds can eventually become weak points over time, whereas Aluminum Brackets Hardware does not need welding at all since it is die casted.

Die casting is a manufacturing process in creating small sized to medium sized parts. It is perfect for aluminium and it is relatively cheap as well. A lot of other companies offer the service of die casting around the globe at fair prices.

Kinetic Die Casting is a Los Angeles die casting company that manufactures aluminum and zinc parts. If you would like more information, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

Kinetic Die Casting Company 6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605, United States of America
E-mail sales@kineticdc.com USA Toll Free: (800) 524-8083 Local: (818) 982-9200
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Kinetic Die Casting Company makes:
Die Casting Quality Standards
Die Casting Porosity
Die Casting Draft Angle
Die Cast Parts Company
Aluminum Die Casting Enclosure Box

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Fathers Day Special 2021

This is our 2021 Fathers Day Almond Roca for Purchase Orders Special. Our Fathers Day Almond Roca Special is open to all our customers. For every purchase order (PO) we receive the buyer will receive a half pound bag of our world famous Homemade Almond Roca Candy. If a customer sends two purchase orders, they will receive two bags of candy and three POs for three bags. Requested purchase order part deliveries can be from eight (8) weeks to 18 weeks.

Email us the purchase orders to (sales@kineticdc.com) or additional POs to add your name to our list the next week.

List of Almond Roca Recipients:


From now until July 30th, we will be sending a half pound bag of yummy homemade Almond Roca to our customer’s company buyers for any new purchase orders (POs) for production die casting parts and for die casting tooling purchase orders.

Fathers Day Die Casting Parts and Almond Roca Special:

almond roca
homemade almond roca

To get die casting prices:
Die Casting Part Prices

Kinetic Die Casting Company
6918 Beck Avenue,
North Hollywood, CA 91605
E-mail sales@kineticdc.com
Telephone: 1-818-982-9200

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Aluminum Boxes and Enclosures 2021

Businesses have a lot of options to package their products, freebies, or marketing materials. These options include the usual cardboard, corrugated, plastic, set up, or wood boxes. Aside from these, a new option has been created in aluminum boxes. Aside from that, these aluminum boxes, aluminum enclosures or aluminum housings also have other uses.

These are boxes made out of aluminum alone or in combination with acrylic. The die casting companies can choose from any style like tote box, two-piece set up, or like CD/DVD boxes. The boxes can have details for aesthetics like laser etching, anodizing, and powder coating.

Aluminum Housings, aluminum enclosures and aluminum boxes are all quite associated in that they cover something as packaging media. These aluminum boxes can conduct electricity so that means it can easily get grounded. Aluminum Boxes, Aluminum Enclosures and Aluminum Housings for Packaging and for Protection

Most of these boxes are aluminum die castings because the production entails lesser labor requirements and the production process is much faster. What’s more, these aluminum castings weigh lighter that the steel fabricated parts.

Depending on how big or heavy the parts are, about a few hundreds to a few thousands of these can be produced every day. These aluminum boxes or aluminum housings are usually used for: engine enclosures for automobiles and trucks, housing for computer disk drives, motors, communication companies, car transmission housings, and for electrical junction boxes.

Aside from using Aluminum Enclosures for packaging of retail products, they are used as enclosures for electronic products that are sensitive to dust, moisture, or sudden impact. These aluminum boxes are used to protect the items from damage of any sort.

Kinetic Die Casting manufactures aluminum and zinc die casting parts. Samples of KDC’s work include die cast speaker parts, aluminum tile plates, and other die cast metal parts. If you would like to have a quote please visit our website: Kinetic Die Casting Company

Die Casting Boxes and Enclosure Die Castings
Die Casting Box Parts
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Die Casting Box Pictures

Kinetic Die Casting Company 6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605 USA
E-mail sales@kineticdc.com Toll Free: (800) 524-8083 Local: (818) 982-9200
Die Casting Box Prices

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Fast Way of Making Aluminum Auto Parts in 2021

Fast Way of Making Aluminum Auto Parts. Aluminum has a very unique property. This metal alloy is very strong and durable. Some even compares its strength to steel. Surprisingly, aluminum is very light for it strength and durability. Because of these characteristics, it has become the metal alloy of choice for many manufacturing companies around the globe. From household appliances such as electric fans and heaters, to consumer electronics such as MP3 players and others, aluminum is used as part of these products. One particular product which loves to use this metal is automobiles. Aluminum Auto Parts are very common and can vary in shapes, sizes and use. Since there is a high demand for these Aluminum Auto Parts, they have to be made fast. This is achieved through die casting.

Die casting is a process of turning the raw material which is aluminum, into the needed part of the company or manufacturer. It is done by first melting the aluminum. The metal is heated with very high temperatures until it liquefies. Once it does, the liquid metal is then injected into casings known as castings. This would give the liquid metal its new shape, in this case Aluminum Auto Parts. Die casting is a fast and reliable process which can provide high quality results.

The process of die casting aluminum is fast and most of all, it is cheap. Not only is it used in making Aluminum Auto Parts, it is used to make a variety of aluminum products as well. This service is offered by many companies everywhere and is a valuable asset to many manufacturers.

Kinetic Die Casting manufactures zinc and aluminium die casting. If you would like a quote, please visit our website:Die Casting quote

Kinetic Die Casting Company 6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605, United States of America
E-mail sales@kineticdc.com USA Toll Free: (800) 524-8083 Local: (818) 982-9200
To get prices for Die Casting Tooling Molds or Parts: RFQ Die Casting Part Prices

The Parts We Make Today, We Ship Today”

Kinetic Die Casting Company makes:
Die Casting Handle Hardware
Die Casting Alloys
Die Casting Aluminum Alloys
Aluminum Part Castings Company
Aluminum Die Casting Handle

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2021 California Die Casting Companies

I have reported the decline in the number of die casting companies in Southern California for several years. In 1994, when I founded Kinetic Die Casting Company, there were 76 die casting companies in California. Now there are only 15 companies in Southern California.

kineticdc logo

Sorted alphabetically, here is the current list of the competing die casting companies remaining in Southern California:
1. Alloy Die Casting Company
2. Aluminum Die Casting Company
3. Ambritt Die Casting Company
4. American Die Casting Company
5. California Die Casting Company
6. Cast-Rite Die Casting Company
7. Die Cast of America Company
8. Dynacast Company
9. Hyatt Die Casting Company
10. International Die Casting Company
11. Kenwalt Die Casting Company
12. Kinetic Die Casting Company
13. Pacific Die Casting Company
14. Pioneer Die Casting Company
15. RSG Die Casting Company

These 15 companies are six (6) less than in my prior article in 2011 https://www.kineticdiecasting.com/kdc/southern-california-die-casting-companies/ and eleven (11) fewer companies than in my 2010 article https://www.kineticdiecasting.com/kdc/die-casting-companies-remaining-in-2010/

Kinetic Die Casting Company
(800) 524-8083
Die Casting Part Prices

Southern California Die Casting Companies That closed from 1994 to 2020

Recently Closed:
Bucy Die Casting Company Closed
Commercial Die Casting Company
Alloy Die Casting Company Sold
Cox Die Casting Company Closed
Rangers Die Casting Company Closed
CEP Cast Engineered Products Closed

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