Alcastco Die Casting Company

Alcastco Die Casting Company was established and has been at its current location since 1995. Alcastco was the former Kwick Cast Die Casting Company, and they located at 9180 San Fernando Road in Sun Valley California, just two miles away from us, Kinetic Die Casting Company. Many of the Alcastco Diecasting employees stayed with the company when it transferred from Kwickcast to Alcastco almost 20 years ago.

Alcastco primarily produces outdoor light products, their two largest customers are competitors in the outdoor lighting field: Kim Lighting Company and Sun Valley Lighting Company.

Alcastco produces parts in aluminum, brass and zinc. Brass (#1) and aluminum (#2) being the most of their business and then zinc (#3). They die cast zinc using cold chamber die casting machines.

Alcastco was known throughout Southern California as one of the two cheapest or least expensive if you prefer, die casting companies around. But, it looks like the ownership of Alcastco ran out of money, just conjecture on my part. Yesterday, I learned from the management of Alcastco that they will be closing their doors by the end of May or June 2013.

It is sad to me that another Southern California Manufacturing company is closing. I will personally miss Alcastco Die Casting Company and their competitive fighting spirit.

Best regards,

Bob Thomas
Kinetic Die Casting Company
6918 Beck Avenue
North Hollywood, California 91605

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