Jun 162016

ArtMold Die Casting Company
11872 Sheldon Street,
Sun Valley, California 91352
Phone: 818-767-6464

ArtMold Die Casting Company is closing. Artmold was located at 11872 Sheldon Street, Sun Valley, CA 91352 Ph: 818.767.6464.

aluminum die casting machine
Artmold Die Casting Company Closure

I received a phone call on 15 June, 2016 from Leo one of the ArtMold owners that they are closing down their die casting production and die casting operations. Artmold was just a few miles away from us here at Kinetic Die Casting Company in North Hollywood.

If you are a die casting customer to Art Mold Diecasting, call Kinetic Die Casting Company at 818-982-9200 to arrange to pick up your die casting tooling and make your die casting parts.

Kinetic Die Casting Company (http://www.kineticdiecasting.com)
6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605
Phone: 818-982-9200

Die Casting Part Prices

Read more about the Kinetic Die Casting History here: http://www.kineticdiecasting.com/history.html

  One Response to “Artmold Die Casting Company Closure”

  1. Thnaks to give such helpful information
    As a my experience Die casting gives the better surface finish and good metal properties to the casting.
    Gravity Die casting is used in case of G.D.C metal flows into the cavity by gravity only where the complexity of the cavity is less as. 
    Cavity is filled by the molten metal by applying high pressure. Pressure die casting is used where the cavity is complex

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