Bucy Die Casting Company Closing

As of December 15, 2020 Bucy Die Casting Company will close their doors one final time. Bucy started doing business in 1943, and Bucy was incorporated in 1957. Bucy was an aluminum die casting company and zinc die casting company located in Burbank, California. Bucy was a family owned and operated business founded in the 1940’s. They claimed that they could hold tight tolerances better than competition.

Bucy Die Casting Company
633 S Glenwood Place
Burbank, CA 91506-2891
United States.
Phone: (818) 843-5044.

Bucy had a Website: (http://www.bucycast.com). The website stopped working in 2016. The website had this information: Custom manufacturer of aluminum and zinc die casting molds. Available in height up to 9 in. and dia. up to 18 in. with +/-0.002 in. tolerance. Additional services include painting, powder coating, plating and anodizing. Suitable for model airplane motor casings, water pumps, speaker frames and parts, pressure washers, brackets and hydraulic cylinders. Electronics, recreational vehicles, agricultural and hobby industries served. Bucy ended with less than 10 employees.

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It saddens me that another California die casting company is closed. My company, Kinetic Die Cast, is still going strong and we are willing to help any manufacturing company that needs die casting parts.

Kinetic Die Casting Company, Inc. (https://www.kineticdiecasting.com)
6918 Beck Avenue,
North Hollywood, CA 91605

Call us at 818-982-9200 if you need our help.
Email us at sales@kineticdc.com.

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