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Week Four Valentines Special 2021

Almond Roca for Purchase Orders Special. Our Valentine’s Day Almond Roca Special is open to all our customers. For every purchase order (PO) for parts or die casting tooling we receive the buyer will receive a half pound bag of our world famous Almond Roca Candy. If anyone sends two purchase orders, they will receive two bags of candy and they send three POs they will receive three bags. Customers can request production parts delivery on their purchase order from eight (8) weeks up to 18 weeks.

Email us your purchase orders to ( or additional POs to add your name to our list the next week.

As of this week, List of Almond Roca Bags to Recipients:

01. Cathleen C.
04. Sue S.
07. Nancy J.
10. Warren K.
13. Peggy D.
16. Jennifer B.
02. Annie W.
05. Michael G.
08. Joana M.
11. Cathleen C.
14. Rodolfo A.
03. Ryan S.
06. Joana M.
09. Steve W.
12. Peggy D.
15. Jennifer B.

Our Almond Roca Special ends on March 31, 2021 to qualify for the free candy. If you have never received our yummy homemade candy, now is the time to get some, by placing purchase orders you need to place anyway.

almond roca
(homemade almond roca candy)

You can contact us:
Kinetic Die Casting Company
6918 Beck Avenue North Hollywood, California, 91605, USA
800-524-8083 or

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Closed Die Casting Companies 1994 to 2020

Here is a listing of the 30 Die casting manufacturing companies that closed in southern California from 1994 to 2020.

Alcastco Die Casting Company, Sun Valley, CA
AQ Die Casting, Chatsworth, CA
Arrow Die Casting Company, Los Angeles, CA
ArtMold Die Casting Company, Sun Valley, CA
Barron Die Casting Company, Irvine, CA
Bucy Die Casting Company, Burbank, CA
C&D Die Casting Company, Chatsworth, CA
Century Die Casting Company, Long Beach, CA
CEP Cast Engineered Products, Gardena, CA
Chapman Die Casting Company, City of Industry, CA
Coast Die Casting Company, Gardena, CA
Commercial Die Casting Company, Vernon, CA
Compu Die Casting Company, Compton, CA
Cox Die Casting Company, Gardena, CA
Del Mar Die Casting Company, Gardena, CA
Die Cast Manufacturing Company, Bloomington, CA
Die Cast Products, Los Angeles, CA
Drumheller Zinc Die Casting Company, Sun Valley, CA
Lansco Die Casting Company, City of Industry, CA
LJ Die Casting Company, Sun Valley, CA
Los Angeles Die Casting, City of Commerce, CA
Modern Die Casting Company, Paramount, CA
Pomona Die Casting Company, Pomona, CA
Primcast, Riverside, CA
Rangers Die Casting Company, Lynwood, CA
Robinson Die Casting Company, Huntington Beach, CA
Royal Diecasting Company, Burbank, CA
Spencer Die Casting Company, Vernon, CA
Sunny Die Casting, Paramount, CA
Universal Die Casting Company, Los Angeles, CA


Southern California Die Casting Companies That closed from 1994 to 2020

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Bucy Die Casting Company Closing

As of December 15, 2020 Bucy Die Casting Company will close their doors one final time. Bucy started doing business in 1943, and Bucy was incorporated in 1957. Bucy was an aluminum die casting company and zinc die casting company located in Burbank, California. Bucy was a family owned and operated business founded in the 1940’s. They claimed that they could hold tight tolerances better than competition.

Bucy Die Casting Company
633 S Glenwood Place
Burbank, CA 91506-2891
United States.
Phone: (818) 843-5044.

Bucy had a Website: ( The website stopped working in 2016. The website had this information: Custom manufacturer of aluminum and zinc die casting molds. Available in height up to 9 in. and dia. up to 18 in. with +/-0.002 in. tolerance. Additional services include painting, powder coating, plating and anodizing. Suitable for model airplane motor casings, water pumps, speaker frames and parts, pressure washers, brackets and hydraulic cylinders. Electronics, recreational vehicles, agricultural and hobby industries served. Bucy ended with less than 10 employees.


It saddens me that another California die casting company is closed. My company, Kinetic Die Cast, is still going strong and we are willing to help any manufacturing company that needs die casting parts.

Kinetic Die Casting Company, Inc. (
6918 Beck Avenue,
North Hollywood, CA 91605

Call us at 818-982-9200 if you need our help.
Email us at

Kinetic Die Casting Company Logo

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What are Auto Parts in 2020?

The most abundant metals found on earth is aluminum. Aluminum die casting is strong, flexible, lightweight, recyclable, malleable, and corrosion-resistant. These properties are factors that make the aluminum a great choice for material in producing cars and aluminum die casting car parts.

Die Casting, rolling, extrusion, or forging can be used to manufacturing with aluminum. When rolled under extreme pressure, the aluminum becomes thinner and longer. It becomes any of the three widely used forms: plate, sheet, and foil.

In North America, transportation is representative of the largest market for aluminum manufacturing. Where manufacturing of cars and trucks are concerned, the aluminum is the second most widely used component. Top reason for this is because producers are keen in improving the gas mileages of their vehicles. Since aluminum is about one-third the weight of steel, the entire vehicle mass can be reduced significantly. Aluminum Auto Parts Manufacturing will Gain Momentum.

As car manufacturing continue to conduct research about aluminum die casting and how best they can use this metal to manufacture excellent quality vehicles, more companies will start turning to aluminum as an alternative material to steel and iron.

These days, aluminum auto parts made of aluminum die castings include: valve covers, aluminum alloy wheels, carburetors, as well as body and closure panels, or flooring. Aluminum die casting manufacturing is still used at a very low volume. Mass manufacturing production will only be feasible once research finds out how aluminum die casting can really become more useful than steel or as strong as steel.

Concerns for reliability and safety are the major factors that inhibit the full blast manufacturing of major car parts. As car makers gain more confidence in the methods and techniques to manufacture high-quality aluminum die casting auto parts, the public is yet to drive the more economical cars made out of aluminum die casting.

Kinetic Die Casting is located in North Hollywood,California. KDC specializes in manufacturing zinc and aluminum alloy casting parts. If you would like a quote, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

Kinetic Die Casting Company 6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605, United States of America
E-mail USA Toll Free: (800) 524-8083 Local: (818) 982-9200
To get prices for Die Casting Tooling Molds or Parts: RFQ Die Casting Part Prices

The Parts We Make Today, We Ship Today”

Kinetic Die Casting Company makes:
Light Fixture Die Casting Parts
Photos Die Casting Parts
Aerospace Die Casting Parts
Roofing Tile Molds Blog
Aluminum Die Casting Light Fixture

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KDC Hours November 2020

Kinetic Die Casting Company will have reduced working hours in November 2020. Our new office hours (PST) is 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM. Our working days remain the same, Monday through Thursday.

Call us Soon

Kinetic Die Casting Company
6918 Beck Avenue North Hollywood, California
91605 United States of America
800-524-8083 or 818-982-9200

Email to Sales


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