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The Purpose of Aluminum Die Cast Lighting Fixtures 2020

The main purpose of lighting fixtures or parts is to create artificial light. A lighting fixture consist of 0 parts—the light source, light reflector that directs the light to a certain point, an opening (with lens or without lenses), the light housing for protection, an electrical counterweight, and a cord connecting to the power source. Lighting fixtures can be classified as indoor lighting fixtures and outdoor lighting fixtures.

Before the introduction to an aluminum die casting company, lighting parts are made by welding pieces together. This process is costly, time consuming, and labor extensive. Nowadays, lighting parts are manufactured by die casting, a process wherein molten metal is forced into mold cavities. Die casting is beneficial if you are producing large quantities of small to medium sized lighting parts with good details,

Aluminum is lightweight and sturdy, a material often used to make lighting parts because of its durability and good thermal and electrical properties. Die cast aluminum lighting parts are made faster because they can be produced in net shape, meaning there are no welding or drilling methods needed after. Holes can be added to the mold cavities. These holes are necessary for the installation of covers or lids.

Die cast aluminum lighting parts are used in medical offices and parking garages for lighting fixtures. They are also used for bullet lighting fixtures, street traffic lights, outdoor and wall lighting fixtures. Furthermore, there are special light parts made for Aluminum lighting fixtures used for automobile lighting, marine lighting, medical lighting, and aerospace lighting.

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Aluminum Lighting Fixtures and Parts 2019

Die Casting Lighting Parts

Aluminum Lighting Fixtures and Parts have been produced for many years. Aluminum Die Casting Lighting fixtures are less expensive than other manufacturing processes. Aluminum light fixtures have good thermal properties and are used in applications where high temperature power supplies and bulbs are used. In former years, lighting housings were welded together, which was labor intensive, costly, and had limitations on the shapes available. Aluminum Lighting Fixture Parts can be many shapes and sizes, used in many lighting applications, and can be manufactured net shape. Aluminum weighs 1/3 of a comparable steel part. The aluminum part would cost less to ship due to the weight. Aluminum lighting fixtures can be produced in quantities of a few hundred to thousands of aluminum lighting fixtures each day. Aluminum fixtures are electrically conductive and can be grounded.
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Aluminum Lighting Fixtures and Parts 2019
Lighting Die Casting Parts
Die Casting Lighting Parts
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Lighting Part Die Castings 2019

Kinetic Die Cassting Company makes Aluminum Lighting Fixture Parts. Aluminum die casting is a lightweight, non-toxic, and non-magnetic metal. It is also resistant to corrosion and can be easily molded and formed into many different shapes. Additionally, there is plenty of aluminum to be had so issues regarding the availability of the metal are nil. Because of these properties, aluminum is one of the most ideal metals for the production of various goods, such as lighting fixtures.

Die casting aluminum lighting fixture parts can be found in various medical lighting products as well as in medical offices where there are hanging light fixtures made from aluminum. Other examples of aluminum lighting fixture parts are endcaps on light fixtures and housings for various kinds of light fixtures, such as parking garage lighting, street traffic lights, walk lights, and high temperature lights. Aluminum lighting fixture parts also come in the form of decorative lighting poles manufactured from rustproof aluminum that is given extra protection against rusting by a powder coat finish. Additionally, aluminum is utilized for light fixtures themselves, such as bullet light fixtures, wall sconce fixtures, and outdoor coach lights. Even though aluminum is lightweight, the metal is highly resilient against extreme weather conditions and seasonal changes. Additionally, the production of aluminum lighting fixture parts is generally cost-effective as aluminum is quite inexpensive.

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Heatsink Metal Flow Video

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Kinetic Die Casting Company ( uses metal flow software to check die casting tooling metal flow into a die casting mold making two cavities of a Heat Sink Part
(Metal Flow into Mold or Die Casting Tooling).
This is an Aluminum Heat Sink Die Casting Part for the lighting industry.


Two cavity aluminum heat sink die casting molds. This 5 seconds of video happens in a small fraction of a second as the metal is injected under extreme pressure. The metal flows very rapidly into a die casting mold using 2,000 pounds per square inch of hydraulic pressure that is accelerated in high shot assisted by 700 pounds of high pressure nitrogen gas inside a die casting machine.
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Die Casting Lighting Fixtures

Die Casting Lighting Fixtures
. In any house, building and other man made structure that is covered or in the dark, it will need artificial lighting so that it becomes hospitable and safe. Both outdoor and indoor lighting is essential in any place where people reside because people rely on light to get things done. For those which don’t receive any natural lighting, Aluminum Lighting Fixtures are the solution to this problem. Most, if not all housing and buildings make use of this feature and aluminum is a great choice for this because it is light in weight so that it can easily be installed or replaced and at the same time, it is durable so it will last longer.

Of course, Aluminum Lighting Fixtures should be made in vast quantities at a time because structures, especially buildings, would require a lot of these artificial lighting equipment. To achieve this, the best method in creating lighting fixtures is with die casting. This process can turn the aluminum into the finished product in no time as the metal is melted and using molds and castings, can be structured into the proper shapes and sizes.

When it comes to Aluminum Lighting Fixtures, die casting is the cheapest, most reliable way to achieve high quality results. And since this method makes use of the same mold, the resulting products are always consistent when it comes to the dimensions and the quality. Fast and efficient, die casting has become very popular not only with making Aluminum Lighting Fixtures, but with other parts as well.


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