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Aluminum Lighting Fixtures

Aluminum Lighting Fixtures and Parts have been produced for many years. Aluminum Lighting fixtures are less expensive than other manufacturing processes. Aluminum light fixtures have good thermal properties and are used in applications where high temperature power supplies and bulbs are used. In former years, lighting housings were welded together, which was labor intensive, costly, and had limitations on the shapes available. Aluminum Lighting Fixture Parts can be many shapes and sizes, used in many lighting applications, and can be manufactured net shape. Aluminum weighs 1/3 of a comparable steel part. The aluminum part would cost less to ship due to the weight. Aluminum lighting fixtures can be produced in quantities of a few hundred to thousands of aluminum lighting fixtures each day. Aluminum fixtures are electrically conductive and can be grounded.

Technical Information: Aluminum Lighting Fixtures and Parts

picture Lighting fixture Parts image
  • Aluminum lighting fixtures weigh 1/3 that of a steel part.
  • Aluminum lighting fixtures are electrically conductive.
  • Lighting fixtures in aluminum are inexpensive.
  • Aluminum lighting parts look good powdercoated.
  • Plastic Parts do not last like aluminum lighting parts.
  • Aluminum light parts are produced in hundreds per day.
  • Aluminum parts have good thermal properties.

Where Die Casting Aluminum Lighting fixtures Are Used

  • Medical offices use hanging light fixtures made in aluminum.
  • Endcaps on light fixtures are in aluminum.
  • Aluminum parking garage lighting housings.
  • Bullet light fixture.
  • Street traffic light housings.
  • Walk light housings are aluminum.
  • High temperature light housings.
  • Outdoor coach lights.
  • Wall sconse fixtures.

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