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Kinetic Die Casting Company

Die Casting Prices and Die Casting Part Prices
Die Casting Part Prices Are Based On The Following:
Die casting part weight times the alloy price for the cost of the part metal.
Machine time for cost of utilities and cost of labor.
Labor cost to process the die casting part.
Process cost to complete the die casting part.
All of these costs are added together to make up the die casting part price.

Diecasting Part Weights and Sizes
Aluminum diecasting part sizes from .001 pounds to 10 pounds.
Diecasting Part sizes range from .025" x .025" to 15" x 15".
Surface area on cast parts up to about 200 square inches.

Diecasting Materials or Aluminum Diecasting Alloys
380 Aluminum Diecasting Alloy.
383 Aluminum Diecasting Alloy.
360 Aluminum Diecasting Alloy.
413 Aluminum Diecasting Alloy.
Each die casting alloy has a different material cost.

In-House Secondary Operations to Diecastings:
Die trim or surface grind flash from diecasting parting lines.
Drill holes and thread or tap holes in diecasting parts.
Parting line and flash sanding.
Mill surfaces in diecasting parts.
Vibratory deburr surface finish on diecastings.
Tumble deburr diecastings.
Pressure testing diecastings.
Aluminum diecasting parts machined to customer specifications.
Each of these processes can add to the cost of the die casting parts.

Outside processes to Diecastings:
Penetrant Inspection of die casting parts.
Impregnation of die casting parts.
Chemical film or Chem-film of die casting parts.
Anodize for die casting parts.
Polish on die casting parts.
Ball Burnish die casting parts.
Paint or powder coat die casting parts.
Any of these processes can add to the die casting part cost.

Diecasting Part Production Quantities:
Diecastings produced from 50 to 100 parts each day (low customer demand).
Diecastings produced to over 5,000 parts a day (high customer demand).
Minimum annual quantity production requirement 500 diecasting parts.
Maximum annual quantity possible 1,000,000 diecasting parts.

Diecasting Dies or Diecasting Molds and Inserts:
In-House toolmaker to make new diecasting dies (tooling for diecasting).
In-House toolmaker can retrofit customer supplied diecasting inserts inexpensively.
In-House toolmaker can make changes to existing diecasting dies.
Pictures of Tooling Die Casting.
Toolmaker can produce trim dies for high production diecasting parts.

Die Casting Parts Niche
We produce as few as 100 parts for our customers.
We can ship 200,000 of each die casting part type, each year.

Contact us if you need:
Die casting lighting part prices.
Die casting prices for military parts
Die casting Aerospace part prices
Die casting prices for commercial parts.

Diecasting part types we produce include:
Aluminum Diecasting Heatsink, Diecasting Handtools, Diecast Medical Lighting Products, Security System Card Reader and Keypad Aluminum Housings, Commercial Diecasting Lighting Parts, Professional Camera Parts, Aluminum Aircraft Parts, Auto Diecasting Parts, Swimming Pool Accessories, Candy Machine Coin Mechanism Diecastings, Medical Product Aluminum Diecastings, Wheelchair Lift Parts, Housing Products, Cable System Heatsinks, Speaker Driver Diecasting Housings, Diecasting parts, Home Hardware, Commercial Tape Backup Parts, Commercial Sensor System Products.

Another advantage to Kinetic Die Casting Company is our production and quality personnel, who dedicate themselves to producing the best quality diecasting parts on time.

Die Casting Processes

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