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Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting Parts Produced by Kinetic Die Casting Company. We are located at 6918 Beck Avenue North Hollywood California United States of America USA 91605.
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USA American Die Casting Company
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Aluminum Die Casting Parts from a USA Die Casting Company?
Aluminum diecasting is the least expensive manufacturing process for producing high quantities of complex aluminum parts. Aluminum die casting is a metal part manufacturing process in which molten aluminum is injected into a steel die or mold to produce up several thousand parts a week. Many times the die cast tool will produce over 100,000 parts before it will need to be replaced.

Aluminum Diecasting is a worldwide, not just USA, competitive manufacturing process. American businesses will search the world over for the best die casting prices; they will even order die castings from a non-American source to save a few dollars. These savings sometimes do not include the cost of quality, the customs and freight charges, and finally, the cost of increased die casting inventory. Our quality and delivery of die castings are in many cases far superior. We not only save our customers the cost of inventory, in many orders our deliveries can be ahead of schedule.

California Die Casting Company: Kinetic Die Casting Company in North Hollywood, California, USA can offer a solution that can improve performance while reducing the aluminum part manufacturing costs. Kinetic Die Casting Ships Die Casting Parts Nationaly. We work with you as a partner as well as a supplier of your aluminum part die castings. We also participate in product development meetings, collaborate on your design and how to manufacture your die casting, and even add value by offering new ideas.

Advantages to purchasing aluminum parts from Kinetic Die Casting (USA source):

  • Communicate directly with "your USA manufacturing source", not a middle man
  • Aluminum Parts are guaranteed to meet USA specifications, or return them to us for replacement.
  • Guaranteed materials for your products with material USA certificates with each shipment.
  • Only your company will get products from your die casting tooling, not your competitors
  • Delivery of your aluminum parts in less than two weeks in some cases
  • Certificate of U.S.A. Manufacture with production shipments.
  • Low Quantities of Production and USA Military Parts Production.
  • Die casting tooling will produce up to 100,000 parts without replacement.
  • The price you pay for parts and tooling was the price you expected to pay.
  • Prices quoted in American Dollars, no currency confusion.
  • Pay for your parts 30 days after receipt, not prepay with purchase order.

Are cheaper than USA part production costs really cheaper?

  • Foreign Manufacturers sometimes have difficulties that make long diecasting or Tooling Lead Times. Long offshore production lead times and delays are common. If your diecast product demand soars or drops, commitments to overseas suppliers can't be easily altered, and short-term part cancellations are virtually impossible.
  • Offshore Legal Liabilities with Offshore die casters offer low prices because they may use uncertified, off-spec metal alloys. This can be a problem waiting to happen, because it could lead to a high risk of product failures of breaking or degrading when the components are incorporated into your products.
  • The Payment Sight is Unseen, Most offshore die casting companies require advance payment. You have no say in this aspect. You also have no right to review shipment quality or quantity before your precious cash changes hands overseas.
  • What Quality Standards Do The Foreign Manufacturers Use?. American die casting companies work under standards provided and approved by NADCA (North American Die Casting Association) Diecasting Companies overseas may deviate from the standards and you, the customer would never be the wiser.
  • Unknown Materials used in part production. How would you know if the materials for tooling and parts was really certified? Are any of the foreign materials toxic?

American Die Casting Company

Using Kinetic Die Casting, Inc, an American Die Casting Company, decreases your risk and liability from inferior products made overseas. American Domestic die casters do the job correctly and can be held responsible for their actions. If a die casting product does not meet the strict standards of the die casting industry, or if the domestic die casting manufacturer has any concerns regarding your product, there are many ways to solve the problem, including legal recourse. These options do not exist in many foreign countries, especially Communist-rule countries.

Working with Kinetic Die Casting, a United States of America (USA) Die Caster, guarantees innovation, integrity, accessibility, and reliability.

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Kinetic Die Casting, Inc. Mission Statement
"KDC will manufacture and ship quality aluminum die cast products
on time to our customer's specifications."

Kinetic Parts
Kinetic Die Casting Company
6918 Beck Avenue North Hollywood, California
91605 United States of America
800-524-8083 or 818-982-9200 or fax 818-982-0877

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