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Offshore Die Casting Companies
For Your Aluminum Part Die Castings?

Offshore Aluminum Die Casting Parts?
Diecasting is a worldwide competitive manufacturing process. American businesses will search the world over for the best die casting prices; they will even order die castings from Offshore to save a few dollars. These savings sometimes do not include the cost of quality, the customs and freight charges, and finally, the cost of increased die casting inventory. Kinetic Die Casting is an American Die Casting Company. We ship our diecast parts nationally. Our quality and delivery of die castings are in many cases far superior. We not only save our customers the cost of inventory, in many orders our deliveries can be ahead of schedule. Don't be tricked into thinking that offshore diecast parts, die castings will be cheaper and save you money! Unfortunately, other companies that have bought from/used offshore die casting companies have learned a tough lesson. Many domestic die casting manufacturers are saying that the enthusiasm is fading for offshore sourcing. These are true stories as reported from the North American Die Casters Association (NADCA):

-- A printer manufacturer asked a die casting company in Taiwan to make their die castings, because their quote was 1/2 of what the domestic die casting company's quote was. The company in Taiwan reported a problem with the diecast die and there was a 12-month delay in making the die castings. Worse, the new part price that the company in Taiwan quoted was now 42% higher than the original die cast part quote. With all the costs with dealing with the Taiwan company, the company said that it would have been cheaper to ask the domestic die casting company to produce the die castings.

-- A power saw and snow blower producer used an overseas diecasting supplier, but found out that the die cast tooling was inferior (bad design and workmanship), which needed welding on the diecast die cores and other major repairs. Despite the supplier being cheaper at first, the company is concerned about the die cast tool life, and is pessimistic about the die life.

-- A small appliance manufacturer saw a short tool manufacturing time by an offshore die casting toolmaker and ordered from them. However, the manufacturer needed to make a design change for new components. Unfortunately, the language barrier caused delays that eliminated the time saved, and it also cost them more money than asking a domestic diecast toolmaker to produce the die cast tool.

-- A domestic hardware company that used a Taiwan die casting company to produce their refrigerator door handles is being sued by a manufacturer of restaurant kitchen equipment because the die cast door handles "pulled right off" the door. The door handles were so poorly designed that the entire door, not just the die cast handle, had to be replaced. The hardware company refused to cover the cost of the handles and the expense of replacing the doors. As a result, the business relationship of the two domestic companies have been severed.

Do you want one (or more) of these problems to happen to you? We hope not!
If you want to see pictures of die casting products from Kinetic Die Casting.

(1) Your Market Share is at Risk
You'll create a new competitor for your die casting product by sourcing overseas. The competing die casting product can be developed using your supposedly top secret marketing information, top secret product specifications, and even your specialized tooling.

(2) Your Technology is at Risk
How do you know that your offshore supplier will keep your secret technology secret? You don't. You may find that your technology shared with your competitors domestically and overseas.

(3) Errors in Miscommunication
The process of communicating die design changes and assuring their proper implementation despite barriers of language, distance, and culture incurs extra costs, which are built in.

(4) The Problem With Long Diecasting or Tooling Lead Times
Long offshore production lead times and delays are common. If your diecast product demand soars or drops, commitments to overseas suppliers can't be easily altered, and short-term part cancellations are virtually impossible.

(5) The Price of Premature Diecast Die Failure
Uncertified and untreated diecast die steel, with no guarantees of diecast tooling life, could be the reason why the costs of the diecast die or mold are so low. The problem of the heavy costs of premature die failure will eventually happen. Sometimes die failures occure after only a few thousand shots

(6) Offshore Legal Liabilities
Offshore die casters offer low prices because they may use uncertified, off-spec metal alloys. This can be a problem waiting to happen, because it could lead to a high risk of product failures of breaking or degrading when the components are incorporated into your products.

(7) The Payment Sight is Unseen
Most offshore die casting companies require advance payment. You have no say in this aspect. You also have no right to review shipment quality or quantity before your precious cash changes hands overseas.

(8) Are They Really ISO Certified?
Most offshore die casting companies claim to have an ISO certification. These are are sometimes the countries that do not stop fraud or prosecute for fraud of products copied from other countries of origin.

(9) What Die Cast Standards Do They Use For Production & Inspection?
American die casting companies work under standards provided and approved by NADCA (North American Die Casting Association) Diecasting Companies overseas may diviate from the standards and you, the customer would never be the wiser. How would you know if the materials for tooling and parts was really certified? Are any of the foreign materials toxic?

Some companies accept the problems with offshore diecast sourcing as "the cost of doing business". We ask you: Why live with these problems? We have very competitive diecasting rates and reasons why you should keep your die casting projects domestic. These are some of the advantages of keeping your die casting projects domestic:

Die Caster Innovation: Kinetic Die Casting in North Hollywood, California can offer a solution that can improve performance while reducing the manufacturing costs. We work with you as a partner as well as a supplier of your die castings. We also participate in product development meetings, collaborate on your design and how to manufacture your die casting, and even add value by offering new ideas.

Die Caster Integrity: We guarantee that your die cast mold will be used to produce parts for you only, not a competitor who wants parts but will not purchase tooling. Keeping your die casting project domestic means you will have consistent good quality and protection of your intellectual property designs. Why worry about long-term costs associated with "first batch syndrome" (the first batch of die castings are good quality, but future die casting batches deteriorate in quality)? You can avoid the worry that your offshore die caster is using sub-par or non-standard raw materials, and your domestic patents will protect you from copycats and the foreign legal system.

Die Caster Accessibility: Why work with a die casting supplier halfway across the globe and worry about an inflexible manufacturing strategy, delivery that is sporadic, or workers that want to work when they want to? You also don't have to worry about trying to communicate your concerns and the workers not understanding what you mean. By using domestic die casters, you can work to develop new and improved products, new technologies, or even making new prototypes of future products -- which would be virtually impossible with someone with a different culture and speaking a different language.

Die Caster Reliability: Using domestic die casters decreases risk and liability from inferior products made overseas. Domestic die casters do the job correctly and can be held responsible for their actions. If a die casting product does not meet the strict standards of the die casting industry, or if the domestic die casting manufacturer has any concerns regarding your product, there are many ways to solve the problem, including legal recourse. These options do not exist in many countries, especially Communist-rule countries.

Working with a North American die caster guarantees innovation, integrity, accessibility, and reliability.

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