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To Die Cast Aluminum Parts

A die casting company comes up with precision metal parts reproduced with a good quality. The parts are made for different companies for modern industrial uses.

What are the parts that can be made using the die casting process? These die cast parts may be industrial machinery parts, or automotive or telephone or computer parts. They may be kitchen metal parts or plumbing or toy parts.

Die casting is the process by which reusable steel molds are filled with a liquid metal such as copper, or zinc, or magnesium and then left to cool and harden. These molds are designed by the die casting company for the mass production of metal parts and components. These steel molds are also called dies (hence the term, “die casting.”)

Other metalworking processes available to man are machining, forging, pressing, stamping and fabrication. However, for mass producing precision and quality metal parts, die casting is the preferred method.

You can recognize a die cast component due to some porosity in the molded metal. If the material is a high-fluidity metal like aluminum, copper, tin, lead or magnesium then it might be a die cast. If the surface has certain smoothness, if the wall parts are thinner, then this might have been achieved by die casting.

A die casting company uses metals like aluminum, copper, zinc, brass and tin, lead and Magnesium Die Casting. All these metals melt at low heat and therefore they are easier to pressure inject to the die casting mold while in liquid form.

To Die Cast Aluminum Parts

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