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C&D Die Casting Company

C&D Die Casting Company
went out of business December 2004

C&D Die Casting Company
9649 Owensmouth Avenue
Chatsworth, California 91311

C&D Die Casting Company closed three locations:

1. Chatsworth, California
2. Nogales Mexico
3. And Tapp Die Casting Company in Arizona

Kinetic Die Casting purchased the specialized holders C&D Die Casting used for many of their customer's inserts. These inserts, C&D refered to as unit dies, fit these special holders and Kinetic Die Casting has the tooling holders. The inserts that fit these holders range in many sizes

If you purchased parts from C&D die casting and you have possesion of your tooling inserts. We can probably save you hundreds of dollars in mounting fees and we can run your parts.

Many of the customers C&D had that used these inserts are happy with the parts and service they are getting from Kinetic Die Casting.

To assure a smooth transition, Kinetic Die Casting hired many of the prior C&D employees. This assured the C&D Die Casting customers would get no surprises.

If you are a former C&D Die Casting customer, you should give us a call for these reasons:
  • We have the holders that run your job
  • We have the production people that made your parts
  • We have the quality inspectors that checked your parts
  • You will be happy with your parts and service from Kinetic Die Casting.
  • Call 800-524-8083 or
  • local phone number 818-982-9200
  • and fax number N/A

Read more about the Kinetic Die Casting Company History here:

Kinetic Die Casting (KDC) makes aluminum die casting parts and KDC makes tooling for die casting parts for many industries.

Kinetic Die Casting Company Information

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Kinetic Die Casting, Inc.
6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605
Toll Free: (800) 524-8083 Local: (818) 982-9200 Fax: N/A

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