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Spencer Die Casting History

Spencer Die Casting (SDC) began in the year 1946 by JL Spencer, his brother Carl Spencer, and JL’s son JB Spencer.

The name was as "Spencer Dies and Diecasting" located in Watts California. Carl Spencer worked for Alloy and JB worked for Sphinx and worked nights building a die casting machine. When the machine was complete they worked full time for Spencer Die Casting. The Spencers were tool and die makers and made dies for die casting companies as well as made parts. Spencer Diecasting’s first job came from Alloy.

William “Bill” Jordan was working for Alloy as a die casting machine operator until the war. Bill Jordan was drafted December 2nd, 1941 into the Army 187th Engineers. After the war, Bill returned to Alloy but wanted to become a tool and die maker so he went to Spencer Die Casting as a tool and die maker.

From 1946 to 1969 Spencer Die Casting grew as a die casting company and made tooling for other die casting companies. In 1969 Bill Jordan got ownership and became a partner with JB Spencer. Carl Spencer left the company and went to work for Del Mar.

In 1970, the owners of Spencer Die Casting, JB Spencer and Bill Jordan, bought Reliable Die Casting in Los Angeles and moved their die making operation to Reliable's location. Reliable was a die casting company that made die casting parts.

From 1970 through the 1980's Spencer Die Casting grew rapidly. At one time running three shifts with dozens of employees. General Dynamics was a big customer during those years with as many as 98 jobs for General Dynamics Aerospace for the "Standard Missile System" and the "Red Eye Missile System" programs. Many diecasting peers called Bill Jordan "Mr. Diecast" because of his extensive knowledge and experience in diecasting.

During the years 1969 through 1975 Daniel "Tom" Jordan worked part time for his dad, Bill Jordan during summers and after school. From 1976 through 1986 Tom worked on and off at SDC as needed.

January 14th 1991, Tom Jordan bought out JB Spencer and purchased Spencer Die Casting. JB died soon afterward in May 1992 Carl Spencer also died in 1992. Bill Jordan stayed involved with Tom part time to help and direct operations. Bill remained active in the business many years. Bill is 86 years old and lives in Fullerton, California.

October 13th 2000, Spencer Die Casting had a fire that took away one third of the building. A lot was lost in the fire that included the bonded storage room, the secondary process room and die storage room. One third of the building was never rebuilt. Tom Jordan lost a lot of money replacing lost items and he lost some of his desire to continue operations.

In May 2006, Tom Jordan was given notice that his lease was not going to be renewed and he needed to move out after 35 years in one location. Tom could not move his company and serve his customers, so Tom sold the assets and goodwill to Kinetic Die Casting.

Tom Jordan is consulting Kinetic Die Casting on the many jobs that he transferred with his many years of experience.

January 6, 2014 UPDATE -
Tom Jordan called and said his father, Bill Jordan, passed away on New Years morning 1/1/2014. Bill "Willy" Jordan was a great asset to the die casting industry and he will be missed.

Spencer Die Casting
Phone (323)585-0954 Fax (323)585-1676
Sold to Kinetic Die Casting

Tom Jordan of Spencer Die Casting has sold all the assets and goodwill to Kinetic Die Casting in August 2006. Customers of SDC were notified that SDC could no longer continue operations earlier this year. Kinetic Die Casting 818-982-9200 is continuing operations of die casting capabilities for SDC and will stay in touch with current and prior SDC customers. The prior location is no longer in use.

Kinetic Die Casting, Inc.
6918 Beck Avenue
North Hollywood, California 91605 USA
(800) 524-8083 Free Telephone Number
(818) 982-9200 direct number
N/A fax number

E-mail sales@kineticdc
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Kinetic Die Casting produces metal die casting parts for most industries.

Spencer Die Casting

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