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Aluminum Diecasting Company, What Is It and What Is It For?

Aluminum Diecasting Company makes not only an efficient process. It is also economical because it offers a broad range of shapes and components. Parts of aluminum diecasting have long service life. It may also be designed to complement the surrounding parts visual appeal. One advantage of aluminum diecasting company is high-speed production. More than many other mass production processes, die casting is the process that provides complex shapes within closer tolerances. Thousands of identical aluminum diecastings can be produced.

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Aluminum Diecasting is dimensionally accurate and stable. It produces parts that are durable and are also heat resistant. The parts of aluminum diecast are stronger than that of plastic injection molding. Thin wall aluminum diecastings are stronger and lighter than any other casting methods. Diecasting has multiple finishing techniques. Smooth and textured surfaces can be produced. Diecasting has a simplified assembly. Its castings provide integral fastening elements, like studs and basses. Holes can be cored, or the external threads can be diecast.

Diecasting process is simply injecting molten metal under high pressure into a steel mold. This diecasting mold is called a die or die casting tool or tooling. The sizes of the machines range from 40 tons to 4000 tons. Aside from their size, the only difference in diecasting machines is the method used in injecting molten metal. These methods are the hot chamber and the cold chamber. There are four basic functions in die casting. They hold molten metal according to the desired shape of casting; they provide a way for the molten metal to go to the space where it will attain its desired shape. They remove the heat from the molten metal and then allow the metal to solidify. They also make way for the removal of the casting.
500 Car Parts a Day
Kinetic Die Casting makes Car Parts for our customers. We make and ship 500 aluminum die casting car parts in a day. We schedule an ship rapidly from receiving our production purchase order. Do you know someone that can use our rapid die casting production of aluminum car parts? Kinetic Die Casting Company 6918 Beck [...]
Diecasting Airplane Parts
Die Castings used for many Aircraft Parts. Demand for diecast airplane parts is increasing in the aircraft industry. Airplanes need lightweight materials for mobility. Moreover, planes require durability and resistance to several stresses while flying. Among metals, aluminum is used to serve as frames or skeletons of the aircraft. In the aircraft industry, the strength [...]
Tooling Used in Die Casting
Die Casting Tooling. Aluminum die casting is a manufacturing process used to fulfill orders for large quantities of small to medium sized metal parts. This dependable process is used for high volume products made by the metalworking industry. Die Casting Tooling This process called die casting starts off with molten metal. The molten metal is [...]
Plastic or Aluminum Footprint
Low Carbon Footprint of Aluminum Die Castings Should Be Marketed to Industry. The die casting industry has long been built on recycling. The metal alloys used by the die casters are produced from recycled raw materials, created with far less energy than is required for virgin alloys. More than 95% of the aluminum die castings [...]
How We Make Aluminum Handles
Kinetic Die Casting Company makes many types of aluminum hardware, such as aluminum handles. Aluminum Handle Hardware parts are common everywhere. These handles are in vehicles, cars, doors, enclosures, equipment and homes. Hardware parts from aluminum handles or brackets are produced near net shape, which means it can be produced without any welding pieces or [...]
Recycling Aluminum Die Castings
Die casting Parts are completely recyclable. Die Casting Parts have a Planet-Saving Value. These days, many manufacturers are turning to aluminum. Aluminum die casting alloys Aluminum is a better material to provide their businesses with excellent products that can boost sales. Die casting aluminum is more than just an aluminum production means; it is considered [...]
Aluminum Bracket Diecastings
Brackets are used for mounting electronic devices. Electronic devices are usually fragile and need a single fall before being permanently damaged like aluminum guitar amplifiers. Another problem is that many of these items are usually mounted onto walls to save space and to increase their output. A good method to solve this problem is by [...]
NADCA West Coast 2018
North America Die Casting Association NADCA is excited to announce the West Coast California Die Casting Congress on January 11-12, 2018 at the Hilton Long Beach. The Congress will feature technology highlights of our Congress in Atlanta last year in fall. It is important to use that all our members are able to access this [...]
Die Casting Metal Flow 2017
Kinetic Die Casting Company ( uses software to check Heat Sink Metal Flow into Mold or Die Casting Tooling. Aluminum Heat Sink for the lighting industry. Two cavity aluminum heat sink die casting molds. 818-982-9200 (music provided by YouTube) Permalink: Kinetic Die Casting Company E-mail / 818-982-9200 / 800-524-8083 Toll Free / N/A [...]
Casting Process
Casting is the process of molding metals into different shapes and sizes to create metal parts. One of the oldest casting methods is gravity casting. Gravity casting uses gravity to make sure that all the parts of the mold is filled by the melted metal like aluminum or zinc. A gating system is produced to [...]

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