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Aluminum Diecasting Company, What Is It and What Is It For?

Aluminum Diecasting Company makes not only an efficient process. It is also economical because it offers a broad range of shapes and components. Parts of aluminum diecasting have long service life. It may also be designed to complement the surrounding parts visual appeal. One advantage of aluminum diecasting company is high-speed production. More than many other mass production processes, die casting is the process that provides complex shapes within closer tolerances. Thousands of identical aluminum diecastings can be produced.

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Aluminum Diecasting is dimensionally accurate and stable. It produces parts that are durable and are also heat resistant. The parts of aluminum diecast are stronger than that of plastic injection molding. Thin wall aluminum diecastings are stronger and lighter than any other casting methods. Diecasting has multiple finishing techniques. Smooth and textured surfaces can be produced. Diecasting has a simplified assembly. Its castings provide integral fastening elements, like studs and basses. Holes can be cored, or the external threads can be diecast.

Diecasting process is simply injecting molten metal under high pressure into a steel mold. This diecasting mold is called a die or die casting tool or tooling. The sizes of the machines range from 40 tons to 4000 tons. Aside from their size, the only difference in diecasting machines is the method used in injecting molten metal. These methods are the hot chamber and the cold chamber. There are four basic functions in die casting. They hold molten metal according to the desired shape of casting; they provide a way for the molten metal to go to the space where it will attain its desired shape. They remove the heat from the molten metal and then allow the metal to solidify. They also make way for the removal of the casting.

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