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"Moving great quality die casting parts to our customers faster."

Kinetic Die Casting Company (KDC) was established in 1994 near Los Angeles, California at the current location in North Hollywood, California. Kinetic Die Casting Company is an American Jobshop Aluminum Die Casting Company. A jobshop aluminum die casting company produces aluminum die casting parts for OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for their products. A Die Casting Company uses a process in which molten aluminum is injected with a die casting machine under force using considerable pressure into a steel die casting mold or die casting die to produce aluminum die casting parts.

Kinetic Die Casting
6918 Beck Avenue
North Hollywood,
California USA 91605
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    Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

    Facts About Kinetic Die Casting Company:
    > SIC 3363 Aluminum Die Casting Company,
    > NAICS 331512 Aluminum Die Casting Company,
    > SBA Small Disadvantaged Die Casting Business,
    > Minority Owned Die Casting Business (Native American),
    > Veteran Owned Die Casting Business.
    > ISO9001:2008/AS9100C Compliant.
    > ITAR Compliant Die Casting Company

    Our customers use us because we are a GOOD DIE CASTING COMPANY
    > Fast Diecasting Part Production and Delivery (typically less than 4 weeks)
    > Smaller Diecasting Part Production runs (less than 100 parts to 5,000 parts)
    > Fewer parts each year (less than 100 parts but not more than 200,000 parts)

    Our customers get competitively priced aluminum die cast parts. Our customers expect us to ship those parts on time; free of defects. Most of our customers require die castings that we produce to a "net shape" and shipped. We can in many cases Add value to our customer's products. Added value would be secondary operations such as machining, powder coating, painting, plating or assembly and packaging.

    Our customers, these OEM manufacturers may need over 100,000 of these aluminum parts a year or as few as 100 aluminum parts a year. Kinetic Die Casting Company focuses on low quantity production, most production runs are quantities of fewer than 5,000 aluminum parts. Our typical production order quantity is from 300 parts to 5,000 parts. Some of our aluminum parts have a production rate of 100 aluminum parts a day and others can be produced at the rate of 1,000's of aluminum parts a day. Kinetic Die Casting Company will typically ship orders of 5,000 parts or less in less than four (4) weeks and frequently less than two (2) weeks.

    Kinetic Die Casting Company produces parts for many customer types, trying to stay as diverse as possible to prevent any one market segment from effecting the production and sales. Kinetic Die Casting Company assists manufacturers who require aluminum die cast parts. These industries include: Automotive, Appliance, Communications, Small engines, Garden, Housing, Transportation, Military, Aerospace, Lighting and Aircraft.

    Review our die casting company history:
    History of Kinetic Die Casting Company

    Letters of Appreciation to Kinetic Die Casting Company -

    • “In the 12 years, Kinetic Die Casting has been an excellent supplier providing good pricing, excellent product and on time delivery. If you have a need for die casting products I would highly recommend Kinetic Die Casting” Ameritron Appreciation Letter

    • "Kinetic Die Casting was exremely helpful in accelerating the tooling and delivery"
      Radian Audio Appreciation Letter

    • "I was experiencing problems with another supplier and Kinetic Die Casting (KDC) came through for me" Rothenberger Appreciation Letter

    • "There are many competitors in the market and it was a decision of either taking the product overseas or going local and I am glad the decision to stay in the country has turned out so well for us. Thank you Kinetic Die Casting Company." Love-Less Ash Appreciation Letter

    KINETIC DIE CASTING COMPANY LOCATION - Kinetic Die Casting Company is located at 6918 Beck Avenue in North Hollywood, California, USA. North Hollywood is just north of Los Angeles in Southern California. Our operations and production are located just north of Los Angeles, California and two miles west of the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank / Glendale, California. We are close to the following freeways: 5 freeway, 170 freeway, 134 freeway, 101 freeway, 118 freeway, and 405 freeway. We are between the 170 North Hollywood freeway and the 5 freeways.

    DIE CASTING PARTS QUALITY CONTROL - If our customer's die casting parts are not right: We will replace your die casting parts at no additional charge. Additional terms and conditions for part replacement, or our purchase order acceptance terms and conditions, please review:
    Kinetic Die Casting Company PO Acceptance Terms and Conditions

    Kinetic Die Casting Company is an American Die Casting Company we also make government parts, Kinetic Die Casting Company CAGE/NCAGE: 4ZQV3. The 2002 government NAICS Code 331521 for a die casting company is 331521 Aluminum Die-Casting Foundries. The former SIC Code 3363.

    Bridge Between 1997 through 2002 NAICS and SIC Codes
    3363 SIC code and 331512 NAICS
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    Kinetic Die Casting Company 6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605 USA
    E-mail   Toll Free: (800) 524-8083    Local: (818) 982-9200    Fax: N/A

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    Kinetic Die Casting

    Map to Kinetic Die Casting Company, 6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

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