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Golf Ball Heater

New Golf Products

Golfers are always seeking new golfing products to improve their golf game. Sometimes it is new golf clubs or a new golf swing appliance. A new type of golfball or glove or even a new golf towel.

If you golf, chances are you’ve gone through your share of balls. They seem to get lost all the time, and the costs mount quickly. Even the best golfers routinely lose balls, and for the average duffer, these “misplaced” golf balls can quickly become an expensive addition to the golf outing.

Used golf balls that are in great condition and ready to play can be purchased in bulk over the internet. There are many companies that sell used balls, usually in dozens. Different companies have different grading systems but they are all relatively similar.

Most sites describe some sort of quality assurance sorting, so that the balls are graded. Balls are sorted into various categories and sold by the dozen.

Top grade used golf balls are often called Grade A or Grade 1, one or two sites listed them as Grade AAA. They are usually described as like new. Many customers have commented that these balls are often indistinguishable from the new ones, and can be subsequently lost just as quickly as those right out of the sleeve. These are usually described as near perfect with a slight blemish or mark.

Heat up your golf game with the Hot Biscuits™ golf ball heater, a new and exciting performance accessory that can extend your drive distances by over 10% and even up to 16% on cold days below 40F!

Golf Ball Heater
Test results show that golf balls heated to an internal temperature of 105°F to 115°F achieve optimum driving distances compared to golf balls measured at both lower and higher temperatures. Where previous devices have proven less reliable, the Hot Biscuits golf ball heater has been extensively field-tested and produces precise and consistent results. The Hot Biscuits golf ball heater can help golfers achieve increased feel, greater confidence, longer drive distances and improved golf scores.

Golf Ball Heater Appliance

Golf Ball Heater

Golf Ball Heater, Hot Biscuits™ is all about science. The benefits of golfing with warm golf balls compared to cold balls are well documented. Golfers for centuries have tried, unsuccessfully, to heat golf balls for improved performance. Photos of parts

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