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Aluminum Heatsinks or Heat Sink parts Aluminum Heatsinks or Heat Sink parts Company

Aluminum Heatsinks or Heat Sink parts

Description of Aluminum Heatsinks or Heat Sink parts

Kinetic Die Casting Company makes heat sinks for several applications. Heat sinks remove heat from parts and components in electronic applications. Aluminum heatsinks are designed in a way that requires less machining than other manufacturing processes. The cooling fins can be manufactured at the same time as the mounting holes. Heatsink parts are made with all features necessary for cooling electronic components and to mount the heat sinks on the printed circuit board (PC board). Aluminum heat sinks have a high dimensional stability. Heat sink production begins as soon as the tooling is produced. Aluminum heat sinks are produced at the rate of 250 heat sink parts per day to 2,500 heat sink parts per day. Heatsinks look good as raw parts or can be anodized or powdercoated.

Technical Information About Aluminum Heat Sinks

Aluminum heat sink parts have another advantage. They are electrically conductive. This benefits the manufacturers in three ways:
  • Aluminum heatsink parts do not need added cost plating in copper.
  • Because the parts are electrically conductive, they can easily be electrically grounded.
  • Aluminum Heatsink parts are used for RF and EMI shielding.

    Heatsink Die Casting Part
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    Heatsink parts or heat sinks made in aluminum draw heat from PC boards and have a thermal conductivity CGS of 0.23. The electrical conductivity of aluminum die cast heat sink parts is 27 percent of copper standard. Aluminum heat sinks are also very light, having a specific gravity of about 0.10 pounds per cubic inch. Some aluminum heat sinks have external threads cast into place. The maximum threads per inch die cast into place is 24 TPI.

    Die Casting Metal Flow into a Heat Sink

    Where to Use Die Cast Heat Sinks

  • Airplane parts use heat sinks in their products.
  • Computer parts use heat sinks on their printed circuit boards.
  • Communication companies use heat sinks for microwave, cellular, and satellite components.
  • Laser components use heat sinks in their products.
  • Motor housings use heat sinks in their products.
  • Automotive parts use many types of heat sinks to cool oil and electronics.
  • Lighting parts use heat sinks to cool fixtures or lighting housings.

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