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This is where you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding die castings. Many of the answers will lead you to another page to complete the answer. Feel free to bookmark this page and refer to your questions again.
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  1. Who is Kinetic Die Casting Company?
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  13. Who uses aluminum diecasting parts?
  14. How do I get a price for diecast parts?
  15. What is a die casting draft angle?
  16. What is Porosity in die casting parts?
  17. Why would I want to use die cast parts?
  18. What are die casting alloys or metals?
  19. NADCA Page for Kinetic Die Casting Company
  20. NADCA Product Standards for Die Casting
  21. NADCA Standards Alloy Data Sheets
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  24. What are some coating processes used for die casting parts?
  25. Ricon V2-AC-090 die castings be as strong as steel parts?
  26. What are some of these die casting technical terms?
  27. Why not use an Offshore Die Casting Company?
  28. Can I convert an aluminum sand casting to an aluminum die casting?
  29. How do Die Castings Compare to Plastic Parts?
  30. Can I get Custom Metal Parts or Prototype parts?
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Who uses Aluminum Diecasting parts?
Our customers are usually Original Equiptment Manufacturers (OEMs), these OEM manufacturers may need over 1,000,000 of these aluminum diecast parts a year or as few as 100 aluminum diecasting parts a year. Some of our aluminum diecasting parts have a production rate of 100 parts a day and others can be produced at the rate of 1,000's of diecasting parts a day.

Kinetic Die Casting Company produces aluminum diecast parts for many customer types, trying to stay as diverse as possible to prevent any one market segment from effecting our production and sales. We recently helped an OEM customer produce a Chocolate Fountain he manufacturers and sells for in home use.

Die Casting Parts and Aluminum Products
Kinetic Die Casting assists manufacturers who require aluminum parts diecasting. These industries include: Automotive, Appliance, Communications, Small engines, Garden, Housing, Transportation, Military, and Medical. From airplanes to automobiles to handtools to consumer products, we help many types of manufacturing companies.

Aluminum Parts Diecasting is a worldwide competitive manufacturing process. American businesses will search the world over for the best die casting prices; they will even order die castings from Offshore to save a few dollars. These savings sometimes do not include the cost of quality, the customs and freight charges, and finally, the cost of increased die casting inventory.

In our local California area, there are dozens of the most competitive and highest quality diecasting companies in the world. This tremendous diecasting competition has sharpened our skills so well that we are now pulling die casting work back from Offshore.

Our quality and delivery of aluminum part diecastings are in many cases far superior. We not only save our customers the cost of inventory, in many orders our deliveries can be ahead of schedule. If you have any further questions about aluminum part diecasting, please feel free to call

What surface treatments can I use for my die castings?

Powder coat
Plate (ZA-8, ZA-12)
or galvanic
corrosion barrier
Fill and seal
surface and
Improve wear
Hard anodize
Hard chrome plate
Hard chrome plate
(ZA-8, ZA-12)

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