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History of Kinetic Die Casting Company

The history of Kinetic Die Casting Company is very interesting. Kinetic Die Casting Company was founded in 1994 and has grown significantly sinces that founding.

Year Company Growth or Action


Kinetic Die Casting Company (KDC)
Founded as a DBA in June 1994 and incorporated in October 1994.

The equipment that made up Kinetic Die Casting was formerly owned by Paul Pilat, as Superior Die Casting Company. Paul died in 1993. The equipment was purchased from Freida Pilat, the widow of Paul Pilat.

Paul had experience as a die casting mold maker. Superior Die Casting had one functional Lester aluminum die casting machine and was operated by Paul and two other guys. Paul was primarialy, and made most of his money, as an equipment dealer, he purchased a few Lester die casting machines at an auction. He made a die casting mold for his own product line of aluminum handles for concrete trowel handles.
Paul made the parts and sold the parts to D&G Manufacturing in Signal Hill, CA. a well known concrete products manufacturer.

Initially, the sales of KDC were less than $150,000 the first few years. Bob Thomas, President and CEO of Kinetic Die Casting worked two years without receiving any compensation.


Los Angeles Die Casting Company (LADC)
Aug 1995, Kinetic Die Casting purchased a 400 ton B&T die casting machine from LA Die Casting Company.
Oct 1997, We purchased a 130 ton Reed Prentis die casting machine from LA Die Casting Company.
2010 Los Angeles Die Casting Company, a division of Delmar Industries, sold to a competitor, Alloy Die Casting Company.


Die Cast Manufacturing Company
July 1997, Kineticdc purchased a 500 ton B&T die casting machine from Dave Meunch of Die Cast Manufacturing Company.
2008, Die Cast Manufacturing closed their business in 2008 or 2009


CP Auto Parts (CP)
KDC was contacted by the owner of CP Auto Parts to produce die casting parts for their line of automotive aftermarket parts. CP made a valve covers and wheel adaptors.
July 2001, KDC purchased the die casting division of CP Auto Parts consisting of a 600 ton and 450 ton Harvil die casting machines with support equipment.
2005, KDC produced all their die castings until they sold their auto aftermarket product line in 2005.


Coast Die Casting Company (CDC)
Jan 2003, KDC offered to purchase Coast Die Casting Company. The owner, Richard White, wants to keep trying to make a go at running the business.
Apr 2006, Coast Die Casting Company opened negotiations again. Agreement could not be reached.
Jul 2009, The owner of Coast Die Casting Company contacted KDC to say he was ready to sell CDC. He had ran out of money to keep the doors open.
Coast Die Casting Company closed. KDC purchased all the CDC assets. CDC sent all their mold bases and die casting tooling to KDC to continue to serve the CDC customers.


Royal Die Casting Company (RDC)
2004, KDC contacted Joe Cruz, the principal owner of RDC to see if he had a small die casting machine for sell. Joe said he wants to sell the entire company. KDC attempted to negotiate but the price was too high.
2007, Joe Cruz, the principal owner of RDC contacted KDC to sell RDC to KDC. KDC made an offer to purchase RDC. The three owners of RDC could not agree on a price to sell RDC.
2009 Royal Die Casting Company went out of business.


C&D Die Casting Company (C&D)
November 2004, C&D in Chatsworth, CA contacted KDC to help produce parts for customers. C&D produced insert tools for their customers in a special custom mold base. These mold bases were very difficlut to replicate. C&D announced that they needed to go out of business and KDC purchased those special mold bases and tooling to make parts for the C&D customer's.
December 2004, C&D Die Casting Company had an auction for their die casting equipment and KDC purchased a 400 ton HPM die casting machine with shot monitoring. C&D Die Casting Company closed their die casting business.


Spencer Die Casting Company (SDC)
2005, KDC contacted the owner of Spencer Die Casting Company, Tom Jordan, to see if he had a small die casting machine available for sell. Tom suggested that KDC come and look at his equipment and make an offer. Tom was frustrated with how the declining California Die Casting industry was effecting SDC.
2006, Spencer sold their assets to Kinetic. Spencer Die Casting Company closed their die casting business.


First Over All Automotive (FOA)
May 2007, the owner of FOA, Mike Tieman, contacted KDC to sell a small, fully automated, 150 ton aluminum die casting machine in exchange for aluminum die casting parts. KDC purchased the die casting equipment from FOA and began producing their parts.


Universal Die Casting Company
February 2008, at the auction to sell the equipment from the closed Universal Die Casting Company, KDC purchased two trim presses.


Delmar Die Casting Company (DDC)
September 2008, Doug Taylor, the CEO of Delmar Die Casting Company offered to sell DDC to KDC.
May 13, 2009, Delmar Die Casting cancelled the negotiations of sale.
2010 Delmar Die Casting Company was sold to an out of state competitor.


Commercial Die Casting Company
July 2010, Kinetic Die Casting offered to purchase Commercial Die Casting Company.
2012, Commercial Die Casting Company sold to a competitor.


Drumheller Industries
June 2010, KDC offered to purchase the assets of Drumheller Industries Die Casting Company.
July 2012, Negotiations failed to purchase the Drumheller Industries assets. The Drumheller owner closed the company and auctioioned off his die casting equipment.
October 2012, KDC purchased all the die casting tooling in the Drumheller Industries auction.


Alcastco Die Casting Company
April 2011, KDC made an offer to purchase Alcastco Die Casting Company. The owners valued the company more than the market value. The owners opted to keep the company running.
June 2013, the owners of Alcastco Diecast Company could not keep the company running and negotiated the sale of their equipment and tooling to competitors in and auction.


April 2011, KDC purchased a 650 ton Harvil die casting machine from the owner of AQ Die Casting Company.
August 2012, KDC makes agreement with owner of AQ Die Casting Company, a division of ELECTRO ADAPTER INCORPORATED, to service his die casting customers while AQ Die Casting shuts down their customer related die casting operations.


ArtMold Die Casting Company
July 13, 2016, Artmold Die Casting Company auction all their die casting equipment and cease operations as a die casting company. Some of the Artmold customers find a home at Kinetic Die Casting Company.


Rangers Die Casting Company
2016, Rangers Die Casting Company ceased operations as a die casting company. Some of the Rangers customers found a home at Kinetic Die Casting Company.


Cox Die Casting Company
Jan 2012, Cox Die Casting Company offered to sell their die casting company assets to Kinetic Die Casting Company. Negotiations ended March 2012.
Mar 2016, Cox offered to sell the company again. We decided to wait until March next year.
Mar 2017, Cox Die Casting Company closed. They did not sell the company or assets. Cox suggested to their customers to go to Kinetic Die Casting Company. We received several of the Cox Die Casting Company customers.

Our customers use us because they get competitively priced aluminum die cast parts. Our customers expect us to ship those parts on time; free of defects. Most of our customers require die castings that we produce to a "net shape" and shipped. We can in many cases Add value to our customer's products. Added value would be secondary operations such as machining, powder coating, painting, plating or assembly and packaging.

Kinetic Die Casting Company.

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