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Coast Die Casting Company
Sold on July 3, 2009

Coast Die Casting Company History - Founded in 1947 by a partnership between Ray Butler and Ken Richardson, originally called West Coast Die Casting Company. After several successful years of operation in Culver City, California, a fire broke out and caused severe damage to the die casting plant. The West Coast Die Casting Company partnership split, Ken Richardson went one way and Ray Butler owned several properties in Gardena, California area.

In the early 1960's, Ray Butler moved West Coast Die Casting to Gardena and the die casting business became known as Coast Die Casting Company. Coast Die Casting produced parts for aerospace, farming, appliances, the RV industry, irrigation equipment, and many other types as a job shop company.

In 1971 Ray Butler sold Coast Die Casting Company to Richard Sawtelle and Edna Sawtelle. The Sawtelle’s incorporated the company in 1977 as Coast Die Casting Company, Inc.

In 1981, Mr. Sawtelle passed away and Mrs. Sawtelle elected to run the company herself. During that time, Coast Die Casting Company had seven die casting machines running on two production shifts and employing about thirty workers. Coast produced all types of castings including the Chirsto Dipply of Yellow and Blue Umbrellas in Kern Country and Japan art display of 1991.

In 1999 Mrs. Sawtelle sold the die casting company to Richard White. The company was successful for the first few years until the attack on the United States on Sep. 11th, 2001. Coast Die Casting Company never fully recovered from the effects of the economy as well as dealing with offshore die cast part market prices.

Coast has had business dealings with: Panavise, Armorcast, Western Oil, Cameron Valves-Orbit, Circor Aerospace Inc, Tru-Cut, World Pac, Moonlite Marine, Koso International, Kal Plastics, Lightertolier, and Valentinos Tool & Mold.

The economy was very difficult for Coast Die Casting Company for many years, as with most die casting companies. Coast ran into difficulty over many years because of lower customer demand and poor pricing strategies.

In 2009, Coast Die Casting faced a lot more difficulty than they were prepared to meet. Their financial difficulties and other problems prevented them from serving their customers. Coast ran out of money. Coast was forced to “Out-Source” many of their production runs to competitors to satisfy their customers’ needs.

June 30, 2009, Coast Die Casting Company contacted Kinetic Die Casting and asked if there was an interest in buying Coast Die Casting.

July 3, 2009, a deal was struck to sell the Coast Die Casting Company assets and the support of Coast to transition the business. Kinetic Die Casting started immediately serving the Coast customers. Coast shipped all the tooling to Kinetic Die Casting so the customers could get the parts they desperately needed right away.

Former Location and Contact Information:
Coast Die Casting Company
1850 West 144th Street
Gardena, California 90249
323-321-2879 Phone
310-532-6474 Fax

Kinetic Die Casting Company Information - Good news for Coast Die Casting Company customers. July 3, 2009 Coast Die Casting Company closed their doors for a final time and sold to Kinetic Die Casting Company. Kinetic Die Casting Company produces Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting products for most industries. Our quality always meets our customers’ satisfaction guaranteed.

New Company Contact Information:
Kinetic Die Casting Company
6918 Beck Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91605
800-524-8083 Phone
818-982-9200 Phone
N/A Fax

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Kinetic Die Casting

Kinetic Die Casting Company Information

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