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UK Webmaster World forum held a Search Engine Optimization contest seocontest2008 which started on the 1st of February 2008 and ended April 1st 2008. The number of contestants for the seocontest2008 is limited to the top 300 SEO consultants. Bob Thomas from Kinetic Die Casting was a participant in the contest. The contest search term was seocontest2008. The winner of the seo contest 2008 won $1,000 and the three runners up won $100 each. More importantly, the top contestants won the respect of their SEO peers.

From the start of the contest on February 1st to the finish on April 1st, these were the Google Search results:
  • Feburary 1st, Google Search Results (zero results) for seocontest2008
  • April 1st, Google Search Results about 626,000 for seocontest2008
  • April 1st, This page was listed 12th in Google Search Results about 626,000 results

Not bad results for business owner doing SEO work for himself and friends.

Most of the time I am marketing the pages of this web site, such as these:

  • Enclosures and Housings.
  • Automotive parts.
  • Chocolate Fountain.
  • Golf Ball Heater.
  • Guitar Amplifier Chassis.
  • Aluminum Handle Hardware.
  • Roofing Tilemolds.
  • Aluminum Lighting Fixtures.
  • Aluminum brackets.
  • Golf Product.
  • Guitar Amplifier.
  • Roofing Tile Molds.
  • Military Aircraft Parts Die Casting.
  • Military Parts Die Casting.
  • Aluminum HeatSinks.
  • Die Casting Tooling.
  • Pictures of Die Casting Tooling.
  • Lighting Fixtures.
  • KDC Information.
  • Kinetic Die Casting SEO.

    On February 2nd 2008, I entered this "SeoContest2008" to see how my SEO skills match up to the professional SEO consultants. If I do well in the contest I will consider doing seo work for other web sites. On the 17 February 2008, I was in 3rd place. I have been as high as 2nd place and as low as 14th place in this contest. The competition was stronger the closer we got to April 1st 2008, the end of the contest. I finished in 12th place out of over 600,000 search results on Google for "seocontest2008".

    SEO Marketing notes of Kinetic Die Casting by Bob Thomas.

    From 1998 until 2005 I relied on "professional" seo marketing people to help my business grow. Their results were very sad. Kinetic had a single page listing on page 30 of Yahoo and no listings on any other search engine. I discovered that these professionals were selling space in their directories and marketing their directories but not helping my web site specifically. That is why I began learning the secrets of SEO.

    I have been (doing SEO marketing) working on improving internet marketing (the search result rankings) of Kinetic Die Casting since March 2005. I use many forms of SEO marketing such as:
    1. Search Engine Submissions including a direct submission into Google, Yahoo and MSN.
    2. I have used SEO and optimized the website so there are many first page listings on many search engines.
    3. I control a PPC (Pay Per Click) program to improve results in other areas.

    As a result Kinetic Die Casting has improved the Alexa Traffic Ranking from 1 in 4,000,000 websites to the current traffic ranking. I have a few links to get the current Google Search Result Rankings for a few "Keywords" Kinetic Die Casting Company is optimized for in the "natural" listings.

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