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Die Casting vs. Other Casting Methods

A die casting company these days knows how superior its choice of casting method is. The die casting process has proven more advantageous as opposed to the other common casting processes out there, specifically stamping, forging, and screw machine production. Read on to find out why.

Unlike stamping, the die casting process makes use of innovative techniques that can deliver all kinds of shapes – from the simplest ones to the most complex ones that are difficult or seemingly impossible to make. Die casting also offers all sorts of variations as far as measurements in thickness of each of the sections are concerned, so you can be sure to produce precisely measured die cast parts. A single die casting has the power to replace a number of stampings. This means that die casting as a process offers reduced assembly time, which again translates into a great deal of savings for you and your future customers.

Unlike forging, the die casting process creates a wider array of shapes with considerably closer tolerances and thinner walls. Also, die cast parts require lower finishing costs and can accommodate the use of coring holes, which is an option that is just not compatible with the forging process and which proves greatly useful to any die casting company nowadays.

Finally, unlike screw machine production, the die casting process manages to arrive at shapes that are hard to produce using tubular or bar stock and, at the same time, observes tolerances without need of expensive and taxing tooling adjustments. This means that the die casting process, as opposed to screw machine production, entails significantly fewer operations and cuts down scrap and total waste.

It is clear that making die cast parts using die casting is the best choice – a far superior one at that – compared to the other casting methods available these days. For your own die casting company to enjoy its fair share in the die casting industry, research more about the techniques used in the process, particularly the recommended choice of alloys, machines, and die casting operations.

Die Casting vs. Other Casting Methods

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