Del Mar Die Casting Company Leaving California

Del Mar Die Casting Company Is Leaving California. Del Mar Die Casting Company was purchased by Pace Industries, announced Wednesday their acquisition of the zinc die-casting business of Del Mar Industries, Inc., of Gardena, California.

The Del Mar Die Casting Company acquisition significantly increases the size of Pace Industries’ zinc operations, which the company conducts in Harrison as well as in St. Paul, Minn. and North Billerica, Mass. John Scott Bull, director of Marketing for Pace Industries, said that the equipment will be moved to the Harrison facilities and should mean the company will need to hire “more than a dozen” people.

The Del Mar Die Casting Company acquisition by Pace Industries may add more than a dozen jobs at the Harrison plant. Pace employs 371 people at its two divisions in Harrison and about 65 in Fayetteville, according to arkansasbusiness.com. The company operates 13 manufacturing facilities, including two in Mexico.

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