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Die Casting Part Pricing-How Die Casting Part Prices are Established in 2022

Die Casting Part Pricing – How to Die Casting Part Prices are Established.

Kinetic Die Casting Company has a specific pricing model that is similar and also different from our competitors. Here are a few issues to think about when asking for a die-casting part price.

  • Die Casting Part Size
  • Die Casting Part Weight
  • Die Casting Material Type
  • Inspection Requirements
  • Die Casting Part Quantity
  • Die Casting Part Tolerances
  • Die Casting Part Specifications
  • Die Casting Tooling Types
  • Additional Labor Needs
  • Die Casting Part Secondary Finishing
  • Other Fees

The die casting part size and weight effect the part price in a few ways, cycle times or parts per hour, the machine tonnage size required to produce the parts and the part material cost, which also relates to the die casting material type.

The inspection requirements can vary depending on if a (1) visual inspection, or a (2) dimensional inspection or a (3) penetration inspection or an (4) X-Ray inspection or a (5) pressure test inspection are required.

The part quantity has an effect because it will determine if some of the many “one time” or “minimum charge” fees are covered in the production lot.

Die casting part specifications and tolerances add additional labor to a simple casting through inspection and documentation.

The die casting tool can effect the part price by how many cavities are in the tool, how many slides are in the tool, whether additional labor can be removed by the tool, and also if a trim die is available. The mold type also has an effect in the set up time for tooling.

Many times additional labor are needed to complete the die casting part, like threading holes, which also adds to the part cost. Can we use high speed production machining or do we need to use CNC machines.

If there is a polish, ball burnish, bead blast, paint or anodize requirement, that will add to the part cost.

Other fees, some die casting companies charge a “Set Up Fees” or an “Environmental Fees” or an “Energy Surcharge Fees” or a packaging or pallet fee, we do not have any of these hidden fees.

Obviously, this newsletter (already too long) cannot give enough details to satisfy everyone but call us at:


and a die casting part price discussion can be scheduled.

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    Kinetic Die Casting is located in North Hollywood,California. KDC specializes in manufacturing zinc and aluminum alloy casting parts. If you would like a quote, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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    How are Aluminum Military Parts Made in 2022?

    How are Aluminum Military Parts Made. It is not surprising anymore if you find out that even military devices have aluminum parts. Indeed, this is true. The operations of military personnel can never be complete and successful without the use of this material. Some of the most common military parts made in aluminum include armored vehicle fire suppression system housing, missile nose piece, fire sensor housing, pump parts, and a lot more.

    However, as compared to other aluminum-made materials, aluminum military parts are made differently. It greatly depends on the military device to which it will be attached or used into. In short, aluminum military products are in a made-to-order basis. Unlike other parts that are easily available in the market, a person or an organization that needs military parts needs to order one first before they can have the part they need.

    More often than not, an aluminum military part manufacturer works on a specific part in less than a month from the date of order. In most cases, the order can be made in around two weeks’ time. Once the manufacturing of the part is finished, they are conveniently shipped to whoever made the order. With all these, aluminum military parts are made in a longer period than other devices. This is mere because they need to be carefully crafted to promote efficiency at all times. These military parts cannot afford to become failures.

    To get a price for aluminum die casting parts or die casting tooling, call toll free 800-524-8083 and ask for sales. Or email us at sales@kineticdc.com for a fast response on a price quote.

    Kinetic Die Casting can manufacture aluminum automobile parts, heat sinks, aerospace parts and much more. If you are looking for aluminum or zinc parts, visit our website Kinetic Die Casting Company

    “The Parts We Make Today, We Ship Today”

    Kinetic Die Casting Company. Inc.

    6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood,

    California 91605, United States of America

    E-mail sales@kineticdc.com

    USA Toll Free: (800) 524-8083 Local: (818) 982-9200

    To get prices for Die Casting Tooling Molds or Parts:

    RFQ Die Casting Tooling Part Prices

    Kinetic Die Casting Company makes:

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  • Aluminum Die Casting Light Fixture

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    What is Aluminum Heat Sinks in 2022?

    What is Aluminum Heat Sinks

    Aluminum heat sinks draw heat from another source through thermal contact. These are mainly used in electronics and automobiles but there are other uses like:

    • Airplane parts
    • Circuit boards
    • Microwaves
    • Cell phones
    • Satellite components
    • Laser components
    • Motor housings
    • Automotive
    • Lighting parts

    Heat sinks absorb and dissipate heat from another object. It is a piece of molded aluminum or copper that usually sits directly on top of a feverish source or processor. In many cases, you won’t be able to see the processor unless you take out the heat sink first.

    Wherever there is a need for efficient dissipation of heat, there will surely be heat sinks installed. A major industry that uses heat sinks is refrigeration.

    The heat sinks manufactured these days come in different shapes and sizes. The typical heat sink though has long fins and thin protrusions for conducting the heat from the processor to the cooler environment inside the aluminum heat sink.

    Most of the heat sinks in the market these days are equipped with fans that blow the cool air to the fins to dissipate heat more effectively. These fans or blowers are usually placed on top of the fins or in the middle. Heat sinks like these usually cost around $25 or higher.

    Aluminum heat sinks are designed to require less machine processing. The fins can be manufactured simultaneously with the mounting holes. Typically, about 250 to 2500 heat sink parts can be produced per day.

    “The Parts We Make Today, We Ship Today”

    Kinetic Die Casting Company. Inc.

    6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood,

    California 91605, United States of America

    E-mail sales@kineticdc.com

    USA Toll Free: (800) 524-8083 Local: (818) 982-9200

    To get prices for Die Casting Tooling Molds or Parts:

    RFQ Die Casting Tooling Part Prices

    Kinetic Die Casting Company makes:

  • What Are Die Casting Parts?

  • Die Casting Aluminum Heat Sinks

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    Die Casting Companies in California 2022

    With the closure of Pioneer Diecasters this year, I can find only 14 active die casting companies in Southern California. In 1994, when I founded Kinetic Die Casting Company, there were 76 die casting companies in California. Now there are only 14 companies in Southern California.

    kineticdc logo

    Sorted alphabetically, here is the current list of the competing die casting companies remaining in Southern California:
    1. Alloy Die Casting Company
    2. Aluminum Die Casting Company
    3. Ambritt Die Casting Company
    4. American Die Casting Company
    5. California Die Casting Company
    6. Cast-Rite Die Casting Company
    7. Die Cast of America Company
    8. Dynacast Company
    9. Hyatt Die Casting Company
    10. International Die Casting Company
    11. Kenwalt Die Casting Company
    12. Kinetic Die Casting Company
    13. Pacific Die Casting Company
    14. RSG Die Casting Company

    Kinetic Die Casting Company
    (800) 524-8083
    Die Casting Part Prices

    Recently Closed Die Casting Companies:
    Bucy Die Casting Company Closed
    Commercial Die Casting Company
    Alloy Die Casting Company Sold
    Cox Die Casting Company Closed
    Rangers Die Casting Company Closed
    CEP Cast Engineered Products Closed
    Pioneer Diecasters Inc Closing

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    Pioneer Diecasters Error

    Yesterday, I reported that the business closure of Pioneer Diecasters, and that information about them closing is true. Article: https://www.kineticdiecasting.com/kdc/pioneer-diecasters-inc-closing/

    Pioneer Die Casting Company
    4209 Chevy Chase Drive,
    L.A., CA 90039

    Unfortunately, I also reported yesterday that the owner Carl H. Spahr had recently passed away. That information about Mr. Spahr’s passing is thankfully incorrect and I apologize. I received false information from someone associated with Pioneer Diecasters that Carl passed away a few weeks ago. I am deeply saddened by my error and I apologize for any inconvenience of my error to the associates, friends and family of Carl Spahr and to Pioneer Diecasters, Inc. I am still sad that the company closed.

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