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Fraud Alert for Kinetic Die Casting Customers

I received a customer phishing email today that gave me pause for concern. It was fraud, but it appeared like a realistic email with my competitor’s official Logo. The email said the following:

“Good Day,
We are currently looking to get all outstanding invoices processed and paid at the earliest convenience and would like to request an up-to-date statement of our account showing all unpaid / outstanding invoices for our reference.
Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.
Thank you,
Christian Brownsburg
Accounts Payable Supervisor

This email was sent from a Gmail account, not the official company website address account. The recipient had no name “Good Day”. The phone number listed does not correspond to their company website phone numbers.


Don’t fall for this scam! You will never receive an email from our company like this one.
Our email addresses are always from @kineticdc.com
We only use one phone number in our communications 818-982-9200.

Best Regards,
Bob Thomas, President
Kinetic Die Casting Company, Inc.
6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605

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2021 California Die Casting Companies

I have reported the decline in the number of die casting companies in Southern California for several years. In 1994, when I founded Kinetic Die Casting Company, there were 76 die casting companies in California. Now there are only 15 companies in Southern California.

kineticdc logo

Sorted alphabetically, here is the current list of the competing die casting companies remaining in Southern California:
1. Alloy Die Casting Company
2. Aluminum Die Casting Company
3. Ambritt Die Casting Company
4. American Die Casting Company
5. California Die Casting Company
6. Cast-Rite Die Casting Company
7. Die Cast of America Company
8. Dynacast Company
9. Hyatt Die Casting Company
10. International Die Casting Company
11. Kenwalt Die Casting Company
12. Kinetic Die Casting Company
13. Pacific Die Casting Company
14. Pioneer Die Casting Company
15. RSG Die Casting Company

These 15 companies are six (6) less than in my prior article in 2011 https://www.kineticdiecasting.com/kdc/southern-california-die-casting-companies/ and eleven (11) fewer companies than in my 2010 article https://www.kineticdiecasting.com/kdc/die-casting-companies-remaining-in-2010/

Kinetic Die Casting Company
(800) 524-8083
Die Casting Part Prices

Southern California Die Casting Companies That closed from 1994 to 2020

Recently Closed:
Bucy Die Casting Company Closed
Commercial Die Casting Company
Alloy Die Casting Company Sold
Cox Die Casting Company Closed
Rangers Die Casting Company Closed
CEP Cast Engineered Products Closed

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Closed Die Casting Companies 1994 to 2020

Here is a listing of the 30 Die casting manufacturing companies that closed in southern California from 1994 to 2020.

Alcastco Die Casting Company, Sun Valley, CA
AQ Die Casting, Chatsworth, CA
Arrow Die Casting Company, Los Angeles, CA
ArtMold Die Casting Company, Sun Valley, CA
Barron Die Casting Company, Irvine, CA
Bucy Die Casting Company, Burbank, CA
C&D Die Casting Company, Chatsworth, CA
Century Die Casting Company, Long Beach, CA
CEP Cast Engineered Products, Gardena, CA
Chapman Die Casting Company, City of Industry, CA
Coast Die Casting Company, Gardena, CA
Commercial Die Casting Company, Vernon, CA
Compu Die Casting Company, Compton, CA
Cox Die Casting Company, Gardena, CA
Del Mar Die Casting Company, Gardena, CA
Die Cast Manufacturing Company, Bloomington, CA
Die Cast Products, Los Angeles, CA
Drumheller Zinc Die Casting Company, Sun Valley, CA
Lansco Die Casting Company, City of Industry, CA
LJ Die Casting Company, Sun Valley, CA
Los Angeles Die Casting, City of Commerce, CA
Modern Die Casting Company, Paramount, CA
Pomona Die Casting Company, Pomona, CA
Primcast, Riverside, CA
Rangers Die Casting Company, Lynwood, CA
Robinson Die Casting Company, Huntington Beach, CA
Royal Diecasting Company, Burbank, CA
Spencer Die Casting Company, Vernon, CA
Sunny Die Casting, Paramount, CA
Universal Die Casting Company, Los Angeles, CA

Permalink: https://www.kineticdiecasting.com/kdc/closed-die-casting-companies-1994-to-2020

Southern California Die Casting Companies That closed from 1994 to 2020

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International Die Casting Design Competition 2020

In a competitive global market, customers take notice of the best. NADCA knows that competition improves the competitor. With its annual Die Casting Competition, it recognizes and rewards the outstanding casting designs of the year.

Entering and winning is one of the best ways to gain visibility with leading decision-makers. The competition is open to aluminum, magnesium, zinc die castings and other alloy families. Any number of castings may be entered. However, a separate entry form is required for each casting or assembly of castings. In addition, the metal surface cannot be improved or concealed by tumbling, shot blasting, coating or other surface treatments.

Judging is conducted by an independent panel of experts from the die casting industry, with no ties to eligible companies. The four equally weighed criteria are ingenuity of casting/product design; overall quality; cost savings; and market-expanding potential. Winning castings will be acknowledged and honored during the 2020 Virtual Die Casting Congress & Tabletop. NADCA’s Die Casting Engineer Magazine, NADCA’s Website and the NADCA Design Website will also feature the winning castings.

This competition helps promote increased use of die castings by recognizing and publicizing outstanding designs. For more information on the 2020 International Die Casting Design Competition please visit, www.diecasting.org/castings/competition or contact Beau Glim at glim@diecasting.org.

The deadline to submit your castings is July 13, 2020. Don’t hesitate!

North American Diecasters Association (NADCA)

NADCA North American Die Casters Association

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CEP Cast Engineering Products Closing

Today, I received the sad news that another local Southern California die casting company competitor is closing. CEP (Cast Engineered Products), is closing their doors. CAST and ENGINEERED PRODUCTS was located at 1746 West 135th Street, Gardena, CA 90249-2508 Telephone Voice:310.323.8460 Sales@cepUSA.com. I have known the owner, Ismail Cuhadar over 30 years. Ismail had over 35 years of experience in the die casting and metals industries. Ismail is a graduate of The University of Southern California and holds Master of Science and Professional Engineer degrees in Mechanical and Design Engineering. I met him when he worked at El Monte Tool and Die Casting Company. Ismail then went to Modern Die Casting Company / Sunny Die Casting Company before he started CEP.

In 1994, Ismail founded CEP in Downey, CA out of Modern/Sunny. Then in 2001, he moved its operations to the larger facility in Gardena, CA to manufacture aluminum and zinc die castings, bronze and copper-nickel porous powder metal parts and other engineered products. I always enjoyed spending time with Ismail, I wish him safety, health and happiness.

If your company is in search of a replacement die casting parts supplier, you can contact us at Kinetic Die Casting Company:

Kinetic Die Casting Company, Inc.
( https://www.kineticdiecasting.com )
E-mail sales@kineticdc.com
6918 Beck Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91605

Permalink: https://www.kineticdiecasting.com/kdc/cep-cast-engineering-products-closing/

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