Die Casting Companies Remaining in 2010

Not to many years ago, there were over 70 die casting companies in the southern California area. Now, there are only 26 die casting companies remaining in southern California. Here is that list:

  1. Alcastco
  2. Alloy Die Casting Company
  3. Aluminum Die Casting Company
  4. Ambritt Die Casting Company
  5. American Die Casting Company
  6. AQ Die Casting Company
  7. Arrow Die Casting Company
  8. Artmold Die Casting Company
  9. Bucy Die Casting Company
  10. California Die Casting Company
  11. Cast Engineered Products Company
  12. Cast-Rite Die Casting Company
  13. Commercial Die Casting Company
  14. Cox Die Casting Company
  15. Die Cast of America Company
  16. Drumheller Industries
  17. Dynacast Company
  18. Hyatt Die Casting Company
  19. International Die Casting Company
  20. Jeff Courts Company
  21. Kenwalt Die Casting Company
  22. Kim Lighting Die Casting Company
  23. Kinetic Die Casting Company
  24. Pacific Die Casting Company
  25. Pioneer Die Casting Company
  26. Rangers Die Casting Company

Kinetic Die Casting Company is doing very well. A few other of these die casting companies are doing well but many of these companies are nearly out of business. Two “die casting companies” on this list are down to a “one man operation” while a some others only have a few employees that are called in to work when a new purchase order arrives. A few of these companies are barely making the monthly payroll and utilities expenses. In fact, one of these companies will produce parts in exchange for metal, because they are COD with their metal supplier and they do not have the cash to buy materials to supply their other customers with parts.

If you are a buyer of die casting parts, consider this:

  • If the die cast parts you are buying are more expensive everywhere else you look, your die casting supplier is hurting and may go out of business.
  • If your die casting supplier does go out of business, how do you get your die cast tooling?

Kinetic Die Casting Company:
The good news for Kinetic Die Casting Company customers is that we finished the 2010 year very strong.

We have a full work backlog for January 2011 and we look forward to obtaining greater goals in future years.

You should consider moving your die casting part requirements to Kinetic Die Casting Company if you are unsure of your present die casting parts supplier.

Quality die cast parts delivered on time.

Kinetic Die Casting is a aluminum and zinc die casting company. If you would like to know more information, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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