CEP Cast Engineering Products Closing

Today, I received the sad news that another local Southern California die casting company competitor is closing. CEP (Cast Engineered Products), is closing their doors. CAST and ENGINEERED PRODUCTS was located at 1746 West 135th Street, Gardena, CA 90249-2508 Telephone Voice:310.323.8460 Sales@cepUSA.com. I have known the owner, Ismail Cuhadar over 30 years. Ismail had over 35 years of experience in the die casting and metals industries. Ismail is a graduate of The University of Southern California and holds Master of Science and Professional Engineer degrees in Mechanical and Design Engineering. I met him when he worked at El Monte Tool and Die Casting Company. Ismail then went to Modern Die Casting Company / Sunny Die Casting Company before he started CEP.

In 1994, Ismail founded CEP in Downey, CA out of Modern/Sunny. Then in 2001, he moved its operations to the larger facility in Gardena, CA to manufacture aluminum and zinc die castings, bronze and copper-nickel porous powder metal parts and other engineered products. I always enjoyed spending time with Ismail, I wish him safety, health and happiness.

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