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Spending Less on Aircraft Parts with New Aerospace Die Castings. In the aircraft industry, the cast aluminum metal has established a wide application in the production of both major and minor component parts. It has long been utilized in this field since the aviation entered the commercial scene. Even before the commercial aircrafts have given the chance to take off, the military has already used this metal along with its alloys for the manufacture of the parts of fighter planes. The good thing about the new aerospace die castings is that they are now geared to endure harsh weather conditions and increased damages.

Because of the recent rise in the cost of manufacturing materials, the owners of aircraft companies are now considering the potential of the aluminum casting technology. Cast aluminum is much more affordable than any other metals that are used in planes. Combined with other metals, it produces a piece that is extremely durable yet considerably flexible.

The use of aluminum die cast parts tends to allow the builders of aircrafts to cut on manufacturing expenses without even sacrificing the over-all quality of their trade. There is actually a certain standard that has been established for the use of aluminum in aircrafts so the parts are certified safe in the aerospace. Another good thing about an aluminum die cast part is that its weight appears to be favorable for the aircraft operations.

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Aluminum Aircraft Parts

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Dec 012019

Aluminum Die Casting Parts vs Plastic Injection Molded Parts.

Plastic Injection molding and aluminum die casting are similar in a lot of ways:

  • Both require a mold or tool to produce parts.
  • The tooling cost is very similar in both industries.
  • Both processes inject material into a mold to make parts.
  • Both processes can make hundreds or thousands of parts every day.

Plastic Injection Molded Parts

  • Plastic parts are produced at a lower temperature than aluminum parts, plastic melts at only a few hundred degrees Fahrenheit
  • Plastic Parts weigh less than aluminum die casting parts.


  • Plastic is not typically biodegradable
  • Plastic parts require metal inserts to hold a thread for screws.
  • Plastic does not block EMI/RF waves
  • Plastic Parts are not as strong.

Aluminum Die Casting Parts


  • Aluminum parts weigh more than plastic.
  • Aluminum parts are produced in only one color and need paint or powder coat for color.


  • Aluminum naturally shields EMI/RF waves.
  • Holes can be directly threaded into the parts.
  • Features can be machined into aluminum.
  • Aluminum has great thermal transference properties.
  • Aluminum is a natural conductor of electricity.
  • Aluminum material is environmentally friendly and can be recycled easily when done.
  • All aluminum alloys (360, 380, 383, and 413) are made from recycled materials.
  • Aluminum parts are stronger than plastic

Plastic Injection Parts vs. Aluminum Die Casting Parts
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Oct 312019

Kinetic Die Casting Makes Aluminum Military Parts. The Kinetic Die Casting company provides its market with stronger than steel aluminum die cast parts. Kinetic Die Casting makes aluminum military parts as well as the wide range of products that you can avail from this company. If you are currently searching for military parts that are made of aluminum, you may want to limit your search for now with this company.

  • There are cases wherein you have to get an overview of how much these kinds of products are being offered by different companies before you can limit your choices. In this case, the company is a strong one in the industry and you are assured not only with the quality but also with the kind of service that you also want to experience.
  • This company is known to be a part die-caster of fairly priced aluminum die cast parts that have better quality than their competitors. These parts undergo a high pressure process of die casting. At this phase, molten aluminum alloy metal that is under pressure is being injected into steel die. The end result of this process is the aluminum parts. Die casting is less expensive when it comes to the processes of producing aluminum parts.

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Contact Kinetic Die Casting Company to get a price for aluminum die casting parts or die casting tooling, call toll free 800-524-8083 and ask for sales. Or email us at sales@kineticdc.com for a fast response on a price quote.

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Die Casting Alloys

Three of the Most Popular Die Casting Alloys. Aluminum is the most accepted out of all die casting alloys. Besides its lightweight features and its sturdy ability, aluminum is also found to be very inexpensive measured up to other die casting alloys. When choosing the ideal material to utilize in die casting, it is vital to have concise information as to how each alloy is different from one another. Although aluminum may have a lot of benefits and advantages compared to other materials, some die casting companies also prefer not to use aluminum owing to its high shrinkage capability and also its receptivity to high temperature.

Copper is one of the various other die casting alloys like zinc die casting available in the scientific procedure. One of the advantages of employ copper is its inflexibility and its ability to decrease ductility. Copper is also identified not be receptacle to corrosion, generating an outstanding substitute to aluminum. On the other hand, if you are looking for a type of alloy that is able to work on narrower walls compared to the effectiveness of aluminum, you can also use Zinc as an alternative. Zinc has the capability to close tolerances because of its fluidic nature that is highly influenced by high temperatures. When die casters decided Zinc as its die casting alloy, the casting is processed at a lower temperature than usual so as not to completely melt the die. As soon as the die is shaped, it is much easier for die casters to permit the result to solidify due to the material’s sensitivity towards temperature.

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Aug 292019

A customer of ours, in the early 1990’s, contacted Kinetic Die Casting Company, to send us their die casting tooling so we could produce an aluminum die casting enclosure housing for them. This company, Monitor Dynamics Incorporated (MDI), produced a security card reader system used in government buildings. MDI was well known for their high quality security systems. MDI demanded high quality products from their suppliers.

This aluminum die casting part had transformed many times from its inception. It started out as a steel box that was welded together. The design was simple, ¼ inch plates welded together in a box shape with a slot to slide electronic cards through and an area for a keypad. The next change was to make aluminum sand castings in a similar design. Later, the delivery and quantity requirements for the programs required MDI to purchase die casting tooling and die casting parts from a competitor of ours.

Unfortunately, our competitor did not realize the important differences between aluminum sand casting parts and aluminum die casting parts. The part design was poorly planned in the following ways:

  • The draft on the interior walls was not properly created, the parts has several drag marks and stuck too easily in the tool.
  • The tooling die not include a mold base, it consisted of inserts only. This kept the customer captive to the poor quality die casting company, our competitor.
  • The wall thicknesses of 1/4” or more, “for higher strength”. Greater wall thicknesses in die casting parts for greater strength is a misconception.

Here is how I helped MDI get good quality parts. First, I had my toolmaker fix the internal draft angle problems so the aluminum housing parts would no longer stick in the die casting tool. Secondly, I mounted the inserts into one of our many available mold bases so we could make good quality die casting production parts.

Then finally, we fought the production process to make good parts in spite of the problems and complications from the ¼” or greater wall thicknesses. There were many complications, such as, several sink marks or surface porosity from the metal wicking from thinner areas of the casting to the thicker areas. The casting would deform easily in the cooling process. The internal porosity from the thicker sections would also cause the paint and powder coating to bubble.

MDI was very pleased with the results we provided them. Their purchasing manager sent me a letter of appreciation. MDI is now known as Ameritron, Incorporated. You can read a copy of the letter of appreciation from the purchasing manager here..

“In the 12 years, Kinetic Die Casting has been an excellent supplier providing good pricing, excellent product and on time delivery. If you have a need for die casting products I would highly recommend Kinetic Die Casting”

……. Read letter HERE

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