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B. Bunch Company Closed

Kinetic Die Casting Company first started making aluminum die casting parts for B. Bunch in 2004 when C&D Die Casting Company Closed. B. Bunch Company would buy about 500 aluminum die casting parts a year or every two years. Last year, 2023, I received a call telling me that B. Bunch would be closing. I was again very sad that a great American manufacturing company would be closing. Parts can still be purchased from this website

Aluminum Die Casting Part
Die Casting Aluminum Part

Information from their old website: (
Parts can still be purchased from this website
B Bunch Co., Inc.
9619 N 21st Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85021-1895
phone 602-997-6452
fax 602-997-7266

“B. Bunch Co., Inc. shipped its first fan folding machine on April 21, 1968. Since then, the product line has expanded to more than 60 different machine types including more than 30 styles of Folders, and several different types of Sheeters, Unwinds, Rewinds, Processors as well as specialized accessory printing equipment. More than 7,500 machines have been supplied to forms and label companies, and specialized printing, paper processing plants, and data centers world- wide.”

B. Bunch, as a manufacturing company customer, always paid their invoices for die casting parts timely. B.Bunch gave very good feedback on their production part’s needs and communicated very well with our company, Kinetic Die Casting Company. We will miss the company and the people that worked there.

Kinetic Die Casting Company, Inc.
6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA


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MK Diamond Company Closed

Kinetic Die Casting Company started doing business and making die casting parts for MK Diamond Products in 2016, when Art Mold Die Casting Company Closed.

Then a few months later in 2017, Cox Die Casting Company closed. Cox Die Casting Company Closed. We received the majority of the die casting tooling from Cox Die Casting Company. I could not get anyone on the phone the last few weeks I have tried calling. I was getting a recording about the line is disconnected. When I called the 800 number, it went immediately to a busy signal. I sent numerous unanswered emails to many of the people I knew there, with no response. I drove down to their place of business on 4/09/24, and the building is closed down. I could not get anyone to answer the door. I found online details (January 2024 and February 2024) about a MK Diamond equipment auction where everything in the company was listed for sale. I also found a legal eviction process from their building, it is sadly clear that MK Diamond Products Company is Closed.

MK Diamond Die Casting Parts
MK Diamond Company History Remembered. San Francisco, circa 1860 – MK Diamond Products business started in San Francisco in 1868 by Joseph Musto, a fifth-generation Italian stone-cutter and tile-setter, whose ancestors were known as master craftsmen. He brought the skills of his forefathers to his new home in America and established the Musto Steam Marble Mill. The trademark of the business was its pledge to quality work and service. The Musto family believed that, good enough was never really good enough. It is from this work ethic that MK Diamond continues its unrelenting pursuit to producing quality products.

MK Products in Los Angeles, circa 1940 – In late 1919, Joseph’s son, Clarence, came to Los Angeles. By 1949, the newly named Musto-Keenan Company had gained a reputation for making top quality diamond tools to cut marble and tile faster and more efficiently. Beginning in 1977, and under the leadership of Robert J. Delahaut, the company moved in a direction that has established itself as a world leader for precision power cutting tools and diamond blades. We are committed to making our products and services the benchmark by which the rest of the industry will measure itself.

1315 Storm Parkway
Torrance, CA 90501
(800) 421-5830

MK Diamond Products, as a manufacturing company customer, purchased a lot of die casting parts from Kinetic Die Casting Company. They usually bought 300, 500 or 1000 die casting parts at a time.
134577 ACC Dual Flat Casting
154810 Guard Casting
159487 Switch Box Casting
159539 Switch Box Cover Casting
159540 Actuator Lever Casting
159865 Box Casting

MK Diamond Products had a lot of off shore competition so they had a difficult time financially. MK Diamond always gave feedback on their production part’s needs and communicated very well with our company, Kinetic Die Casting Company. We will miss the MK Diamond company and the people that worked there.

Kinetic Die Casting Company, Inc.
6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA
818-982-9200 –


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Zinc Die Casting Boxes: A Durable and Versatile Solution

Zinc Die Casting Boxes: A Durable and Versatile Solution

In the world of manufacturing and industrial applications, finding the right materials and products that can withstand harsh conditions while also providing the desired functionality is crucial. This is where zinc die casting boxes come into play.

Zinc die casting is a process in which molten zinc is injected into a mold, resulting in the production of strong and durable boxes. These boxes are known for their excellent dimensional stability, high strength-to-weight ratio, and corrosion resistance.

One of the key advantages of using zinc die casting boxes is their exceptional durability. Zinc is inherently strong and can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments, making it an ideal material for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s in the automotive, aerospace, or electronics industry, zinc die casting boxes can provide reliable protection for sensitive components and equipment.

Moreover, zinc die casting boxes offer excellent dimensional stability, ensuring that the parts and components inside are protected and secure. The precise and intricate design capabilities of the die casting process allow for the creation of complex shapes and geometries, making it a versatile solution for various applications.

In addition to their strength and stability, zinc die casting boxes also offer superior corrosion resistance. Exposure to moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors can cause damage to standard boxes, but zinc die casting provides an added layer of protection against these corrosive elements. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications where maintaining the integrity of the contents is paramount.

Furthermore, zinc die casting boxes have a high strength-to-weight ratio, making them lightweight and easy to handle while still offering robust protection. This feature can help reduce shipping and transportation costs, as well as improve overall efficiency.

In conclusion, zinc die casting boxes provide a durable and versatile solution for various industrial applications. Their superior strength, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, and lightweight nature make them an excellent choice for protecting sensitive components and equipment. When durability and reliability are of utmost importance, zinc die casting boxes are a cost-effective solution that exceeds expectations.

“The Parts We Make Today, We Ship Today”

Kinetic Die Casting Company. Inc.

6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood,

California 91605, United States of America


USA Toll Free: (800) 524-8083 Local: (818) 982-9200

To get prices for Die Casting Tooling Molds or Parts:

RFQ Die Casting Tooling Part Prices

Kinetic Die Casting Company makes:

  • NADCA-Product-Standards-for-Die-Casting-pdf
  • Die Casting Porosity
  • Die Casting Draft Angle
  • NADCA North American Die Casting Association

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    Die Casting Supervisor Job August 2023

    08/10/2023 – For nearly 30 years, Kinetic Die Casting Company has been a small manufacturing company located in the Los Angeles, California area. We make aluminum die casting parts and zinc die casting parts for our manufacturing customers. We are looking to hire a Die Casting Production Supervisor. This is a full time job, 40 hours a week, for a person experienced in die casting supervision or manufacturing supervision. This person will sometimes assist with production scheduling, supervise die casting machine operators, supervise die casting machine setups, and supervise production personnel. This person should already live in Southern California to be considered. No job applicants from other countries will be considered.

    Thank you. Contact us Soon
    Kinetic Die Casting Company, Inc
    6918 Beck Avenue
    North Hollywood, CA 91605

    Email Resume:

    Call for an appointment: 818-982-9200

    Open online die casting job application

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    Aluminum Boxes and Enclosures in 2022

    ALUMINUM BOXES AND ALUMINUM ENCLOSURES. What sensation aluminum has become in the hardware market is no secret. The metal and its derivatives are being widely being used in not only huge companies such as automobiles and aeronautics but also in small scale usage such as boxes and enclosures for mundane activities. Here is guide to the benefiting properties which make aluminum a favorite over its other metal and alloy counterparts, especially when it comes to boxes and enclosures. This article would also successfully hope to throw light on different purpose for which the boxes are being manufactured for.

    Aluminum is, as of now, the most durable and its product the most stable, as compared to any other metal and its products if gauged on the scale of practical use. The aluminum boxes and enclosure, whether big or small are highly resistant to corrosive reactions and this one property is largely responsible for aluminum’s long life span.

    Aluminum and the derivatives obtained from it have a very low reactivity when they come in contact with air. There may be many elements and metals which are much lighter and durable than aluminum but lose out because they react vigorously when kept in the atmosphere. These highly reactive metals cannot be used to make something for casual use like normal boxes. Aluminum, being low on reactivity protects the stored material inside form reactants and attacks from outside.

    Aluminum is very light as compared to other alloys/metals. This is one reason that huge enclosures which to be transported over long distances are made out of aluminum so that loading and unloading is a much easier task.

    But these quality aluminum products are slightly costlier than those made from other metals but it is just an initial investment.

    Kinetic Die Casting manufactures custom metal parts to their customer. If you would like more information about Kinetic Die Casting, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

    Kinetic Die Casting Company 6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605, United States of America
    E-mail USA Toll Free: (800) 524-8083 Local: (818) 982-9200
    To get prices for Die Casting Tooling Molds or Parts: RFQ Die Casting Part Prices

    The Parts We Make Today, We Ship Today”

    Kinetic Die Casting Company makes:
    Die Casting Quality Standards
    Die Casting Porosity
    Die Casting Draft Angle
    Die Cast Parts Company
    Aluminum Die Casting Enclosure Box

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