Art Mold Die Casting is Closed

Sadly, one of our competitors has closed their operations. Another California Die Casting Manufacturing Company is gone.
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Art Mold Die Casting Company 11872 Sheldon Street Sun Valley, CA 91352 is closed. ArtMold started producing die castings in 1978. Nearly 40 years in business here in Southern California. Their commitment to excellence and concern for competitive pricing was an integral part of their growth. Sadly, their demise came at the hands of foreign competitors. They could no longer maintain their high standards of quality while paying increased costs for doing business in California. Art Mold still tried to compete with die casting prices from countries that do not have a minimum wage law, competitors that do not pay insurance costs, they do not pay holiday pay for employees or pay employees for sick days.

Now about my company, Kinetic Die Casting Company.
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We are still going strong. My company does an excellent job taking care of my employees with fair wages, paid vacations, paid sick days, and holiday pay. In return, my customers get excellent service, the best product quality and the willingness of my employees to deliver products on time. A small price to pay for world class results. As a small American manufacturer, I keep my product prices as low as possible to compete globally. I work with customers by giving them discounts on prices whenever I can. We are local, customers can order and get products in one or two days. We are willing to produce low production quantities of parts. Our quality is the best quality you can find. We are available by email or phone at any time. We have no hidden environmental fees or setup fees. We expedite our products for free if our customers make a mistake logistically. I am helping the local economy by keeping manufacturing jobs here in California.

Yes, we are taking over some of the die casting work from ArtMold Die Casting Company (AMDC). We are 15 minutes away from AMDC. I have agreed with the owner of AMDC that I will honor the prices they have with their existing customers. He also agreed to give me any special tips necessary to make your parts.

Our Motto: “The Parts We Make Today, We Ship Today” Kinetic Die Casting Company was founded in 1994. (www.kineticdc.com)
We produce production parts for many industries:
• Aerospace,
• Automotive,
• Electrical Connectors,
• Lighting,
• Military and
• Commercial.

Here are a few links to a few pictures:
– Aerospace parts http://www.kineticdiecasting.com/aerospace_part_pictures.html

– Enclosures and housing parts http://www.kineticdiecasting.com/enclosure_part_pictures.html

We are happy to produce any quantity of production parts, we typically make about 500 parts a day. Some customers order as few as 100 parts. We also have customers that order over 100,000 parts a year. We make parts from as small as 1/8” weighing .001 pounds to as large as 17” and weighing 10 pounds. Our deliveries are typically less than 6 weeks. Please call us if you have specific questions.

Kinetic Die Casting Company

6918 Beck Avenue North Hollywood, California USA 91605

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Art Mold Die Casting Company is Closed


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