Good Bye Del Mar Die Casting Company

Del Mar Die Casting Company
12901 South Western Avenue
Gardena, California 90249

Good Bye Del Mar Die Casting Company – You were a great California Zinc and Magnesium Die Casting Company. I enjoyed the company of the owners of Del Mar Industries on several occasions. I would even go as far as to say they were friends of mine. I am posting this information from their company website as a continued sad memory of Del Mar Die Casting Company. I recently heard that all the equipment is planned to be shipped to another state. More California unemployment.
– Bob Thomas, President
Kinetic Die Casting Company


Del Mar Die Casting Co. has been satisfying our customer’s needs for high pressure die castings for over 55 years. The recipient of numerous national and international die casting awards, DMDC has developed a reputation for solving difficult die casting applications. A specialist in zinc die castings and magnesium die castings, we have built a tradition of expertise and uncompromising standards. An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Del Mar Die Casting employs 30 hot chamber die casting machines in a 70,000 square foot facility.

Zinc & Magnesium Die Casting

What sets us apart from other die casters is the extraordinary way we treat each customer, each job, every step of the way. Advanced quality planning assures you competitive pricing and overall value in the design of your casting. Our use of progressive manufacturing techniques means greater productivity value. Whether your requirement is a simple die casting or a casting requiring custom machining, special finishes, assembly and packaging, you can be assured that Del Mar Die Casting will provide you with excellent service, quality castings and honest value.

Kinetic Die Casting Company
We are a California Die Casting Company. We manufacture aluminum and zinc die casting parts for most industries. We can supply you with die castings from a local source if you are a California manufacturing company. Call us at 800-524-8083 or email us at E-mail sales@kineticdc.com

Kinetic Die Casting manufactures aluminum and zinc die casting parts. Samples of KDC’s work include die cast speaker parts, aluminum tile plates, and other die cast metal parts. If you would like to have a quote please visit our website: Kinetic Die Casting Company

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