The advantages of Aluminum Automotive Parts over steel

The advantages of Aluminum Automotive Parts over steel. In recent decades, aluminum is used more and more in car manufacturing. It has started to replace steel as base metal for car frames and other parts. Aluminum is said to be stronger and less likely to be corroded than steel. It is also easier to form, that is why aluminum parts require less labor costs. However, while labor cost is low, aluminum as a material is also expensive. It is in fact five times more expensive than steel.

But the advantages of aluminum automotive parts over steel outweigh its disadvantages. More and more manufacturers are experimenting with relatively expensive aluminum because it is lighter than steel. It makes the car leaner and faster. It also helps achieve fuel efficiency standards – since lighter vehicle means less fuel used. So the expensive material makes up for the cheaper fuel consumption of the car in the long run. There are several luxury models that are made with aluminum car frames. This is in fact a few times more expensive than steel cars but the user will be ensured that it would help save energy. Environmental advocates will love it more because it is almost a hundred percent recyclable – another standard that aluminum helps achieve.

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