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Harvil Die Casting Machine for Sale

I recently purchased new LK Die Casting Machines. I have two Harvill Die Casting machines that need to be removed to make room for my new equipment. One is a 450 ton harvil the other is a 600 ton harvil. I will using the the 400 ton this week and next week. The 600 ton needs repairs before it can be used to make die casting parts. These machine are not worth a lot of money but some die casters in California have a soft spot in their heart for the Harvil brand die casting machines.

A scrap guy offered to pay me $1,500 each to cut them up and take them out. If anyone wants these machines and is willing to match that $1,500 price. Contact me, these machines can be yours. The machines need to be removed by August 2, 2024.

Kinetic Die Casting Company
6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, CA

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Ray Fish Electro Adapter My Obituary

I always found Ray to be very intelligent, and a shrewd business man. He would be 90 years old, if he were alive today. I met Ray Fish of AQ Die Casting/Electro Adaptor on 12/11/03 when my maintenance manager, Victor Ortega, gave me his name telling me that Ray had two Toshiba die casting machines for sale, a 350ton and a 400ton with ladlers prints and manuals. The machines did not work so Ray wanted $5,000 for both die casting machines. AQ Die Casting Electro-Adaptor (

In 09/15/12, Ray Fish contacted me to say that he was closing down AQ Die Casting but keeping Electro Adapter. Ray sent me several dies and tooling for several customers. Since then, Ray was on my cookie and almond roca list.

On 11/11/21, I received this email from Ray regarding my Christmas almond roca update. “Thank you for the thought I lost my sweetheart and best friend 2 weeks ago to the virus 69 years of bliss. God Bless her for being there for me as always. My holidays will be memories Be Safe & Be Well, Ray”

In 1969, Ray Fish founded AQ Die Casting/Electro Adapter. Ray was involved with die castings since the 1950s. He took over operations from Barron Die Casting in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

In 1979, ten years later, he moved operations to a 54,000 square foot facility in Chatsworth, California. The Chatsworth facility, completed in 1979, is devoted to the design, development, production and qualification of connector accessories.

Electro Adapter, Inc. manufactures and supplies connector accessories, conduit assemblies, and accessory banding systems for aerospace, military, marine, railroad, and industrial automation markets. It specializes in thin-wall aluminum and zinc castings. The company offers die-castings, bulkhead adapters, extenders, connector savers, protective covers, shorting cans, banding tools, and composites; and accessories for D-sub, micro-D, circular, and ARINC rectangular connectors. It also provides casting, machining, trimming, de-burring, plating, inspection, and metal finishing services for commercial and mil spec applications; and tool and mold design and fabrication, surface treatment, painting, and assembly services. The company is based in Chatsworth, California.

Ray Fredrick Fish Obituary (2022) – FUNERAL HOME – Crawford Lorenzen Mortuary – 8717 Tampa Ave Northridge, California published on by Crawford Lorenzen Mortuary – Northridge on Dec. 22, 2022. ( Comments left on the funeral home website: January 23, 2023 and September 14, 2023


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Cast-Rite Die Casting Company Closing

For over seventy years, established in 1941, Cast-Rite Corporation was a leading provider of high-precision die-casting parts. Committed to continuous improvement, they delivered top quality solutions to customers in a wide range of industries.

Cast-Rite Corporation
515 East Airline Way
Gardena, CA 90248

Sadly, Cast-Rite Corporation also known as Castrite Die Casting Company is closing. Cast-Rite Corp. Established in 1941 and based in Gardena, USA, was a manufacturer and supplier of high-pressure die casting.

I have said it before. I hate to see our local American and specifically Southern California manufacturing companies close. I hate to see our California die casting company competitors close. Small American businesses provide jobs for our local California workers and their families. Small California businesses also support small local suppliers by purchasing supplies, production goods and raw materials. Purchasing those products gives additional jobs to Americans so they can succeed and feed their families.

A little about Cast-Rite included die-casting, aluminum die-casting, zinc die-casting, CNC machining, and multi-spindle machining. These products are integral for a wide spectrum of military, electronics, and commercial applications. It primarily served industries such as defense and space manufacturing, military, electronics, and commercial sectors. The company also offered services like surface finishing, continuous training, metrology, and spectroscopy. Die casting is the process of melting metal material and putting it into a mold or steel die to shape the metal as it re-hardens.

Cast-Rite Hero – Gardner “Bick” Bickford – At the onset of World War II “Bick” joined the United States Marine Corps where he saw action in the Pacific Theater. There he was wounded in action and received the Purple Heart. He ended his military career as a Presidential Guard. After the war, he settled in Southern California and began his first business in 1955. “Bick” gained experience and knowledge over the years working for Mattel, Harvell, and McCullogh. He became Chief Executive Officer of Cast-Rite Corporation in 1964 and International Die Casting in 1982. He was actively working in both capacities until shortly before his death January 1, 1998. Over the years “Bick” was involved in various industry-oriented organizations. He was one of the founders of the Society of Die Cast Engineers and served a term as Chairman. In 1986 he was named “Man of the Year” by the Society. He was also active in the North American Die Casting Association. Other famous industry related Cast-Rite Corporation individuals were Donald Don De Haan. President, also Wynn Chapman, President, and Kenneth “Ken” Peete.


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NADCA Chapter 30 Distinguished Service Award 2023-2024

Once a year the members of the North American Die Casters Association (NADCA) meet for dinner and have a meeting to approve and vote for the existing NADCA 30 board members as well as nominate and approve new NADCA 30 board members. Each year, the NADCA 30 board members select an individual to receive an award. A very important part of the evening is to recognize the selected year’s chosen die casting individual with the annual NADCA Chapter 30 “Distinguished Service Award”.

NADCA Chapter 30 Distinguished Service Award 2023-2024

NADCA Chapter 30 Distinguished Service Award 2023-2024

March 7, 2024 – Bob Thomas, President of Kinetic Die Casting Company Inc was selected as this year’s recipient and was awarded the NADCA Chapter 30 Distinguished Service Award 2023-2024.

North American Die Casters Association Award Meeting

The trophy states:
“The Officers and Members of NADCA Chapter 30 Proudly Salute the Following Individuals in Recognition of Their Outstanding Dedication, Service and Support to the Die Casting Industry”

Roy L. Peat 1966, H.L. “Red” Harvill 1967, John R. “Bob” Murphy 1968, Orville Fox 1969, Vic Anderson 1970, John Harvill 1971, A.J. “Arnie” Martin 1972, G.L. “Bic” Bickford Sr. 1973, Carl L. Spencer 1974, Carl Spahr 1975, Kenneth F. Peete 1976, Harry Brogden 1977, John H. Allen 1978, David L. Welch 1979, M.F. “Pete” Pierce 1980, Robert Bob Allen 1982, Dan Lane 1983, J.B. Spencer 1984, Al Hyatt 1985, Robert C. Grah 1986, Paul T. Harlow 1987, A.L. “Bud” Scott 1988, Jim Williams 1989, Richard Haupt 1990, Don Klements 1991, Tom Seminoff 1992, Don Bayless 1993, Albert Al Roth 1994, Jeff Mock 1995, Brian Jansen 1996, Larry Richardson 1997, Gregg Halligan 1998, Bill Bell 1999, Kent Shortle 2000, Janet Vandergrift 2001, Irene Valsonis 2002, Mike Bernsen 2003, Larry Larson 2004, Douglas Doug Taylor 2005, Jack Wright 2007, Craig Mock 2008, William Bill Hiegel 2009, Bob Dathe 2010, Ernest Ernie Rogers 2011, Kenneth Ken Cox 2012, James Simonelli 2015, Dick Lord 2016, Laura Adams Hoppe 2017, Jeff Orlandini 2018, Ken Zaucha Sr 2019, No Recipient (COVID) 2020, Tom Van Thiel 2021, Sean Keating 2022, Bob Thomas 2023.

Kinetic Die Casting Company, Inc. 818-982-9200
6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605


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Fraud Alert for Kinetic Die Casting Customers

I received a customer phishing email today that gave me pause for concern. It was fraud, but it appeared like a realistic email with my competitor’s official Logo. The email said the following:

“Good Day,
We are currently looking to get all outstanding invoices processed and paid at the earliest convenience and would like to request an up-to-date statement of our account showing all unpaid / outstanding invoices for our reference.
Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.
Thank you,
Christian Brownsburg
Accounts Payable Supervisor

This email was sent from a Gmail account, not the official company website address account. The recipient had no name “Good Day”. The phone number listed does not correspond to their company website phone numbers.


Don’t fall for this scam! You will never receive an email from our company like this one.
Our email addresses are always from
We only use one phone number in our communications 818-982-9200.

Best Regards,
Bob Thomas, President
Kinetic Die Casting Company, Inc.
6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91605

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