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Die Casting Jobs March 2022

Paying $18 to $20 Per Hour for experienced die casting machine operators. Kinetic Die Casting Company is looking to hire experienced Die Casting People. We need two (2) die casting machine operators and one (1) supervisor/leadman. We are looking for die casting machine operators skilled in operating an aluminum die casting machine. We need one operator skilled with setting ladle controls on a 250 ton Toshiba Die Casting Machine. We need one (1) die casting leadman/supervisor. If the Die Casting Supervisor is capable of doing tooling changes and training new operators, all the better.

We are offering:
– Full time 40 hours a week.
– Overtime possible.
– Four (4) Days working ten (10) hour shifts.
– Three (3) possible work shifts.
– Skilled die casting machine operators pay starts at $18 per hour.
– Supervisor pay is based on experience
– $500 sign on bonus for skilled operators
– $1,500 sign on bonus for an experienced supervisor
– $500 referral bonus for any person helping to fill this position.

Send us your resume to or
Call for an interview 818-982-9200

Bring your resume or Visit us at 6918 Beck, North Hollywood, California 91605 for a die casting job interview. * Click or Copy and paste our Online Job Application link to your browser and complete our employment application online for position at Kinetic Die Casting Company, Inc.

Click:-> Online Die Casting Job Application
Click / Copy and Paste LINK to browser:

Kinetic Die Casting Company, Inc. 6918 Beck Avenue North Hollywood, California 91605

Local: (818) 982-9200 website:

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Aluminum Lighting Fixtures to Lighten up Your Home in 2022

Aluminum Lighting Fixtures

Aluminum Lighting Fixtures to Lighten up Your Home. Lighting fixtures are primarily for creating artificial illumination. A lighting fixture consists of the light source, an opening that could either have lenses or none, a light reflector that controls the light and directs it towards a certain point, an electrical counterweight, a light housing for protective purposes, and a cable connecting to the power source. Lighting fixtures can be classified as either outdoor or indoor lighting fixtures.

Prior to the introduction of die casting, parts used in lighting purposes were made by welding parts together. This process was impractical; it was slow, expensive, and labor extensive. Today however, lighting fixtures are produced through die casting, a process which involves the pressurizing of molten metals into mold cavities, which is followed by a cooling process. Die casting is extremely advantageous if your objective is to manufacture substantial amounts of small to medium-sized lighting parts with excellent details and features.

Die Casting Metal Flow Video.

Aluminum, a strong, lightweight metal, is the widely-used metal for die cast lighting parts because of its sturdiness, electrical conductivity and good thermal properties. The production of aluminum die castings is also better than with other metals because the former could be produced in net shape, doing away with welding.

Die cast aluminum lighting fixtures are used extensively in the lighting components found in parking garages and medical offices. These are also incorporated in street traffic lights, outdoor lights, wall lighting fixtures and bullet lighting fixtures. Aluminum lighting fixtures are also used for aerospace lighting, medical lighting, automobile lighting and marine lighting.

Kinetic Die Casting is a Los Angeles die casting company that manufactures aluminum and zinc parts. If you would like more information, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

Kinetic Die Casting Company 6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605, United States of America
E-mail USA Toll Free: (800) 524-8083 Local: (818) 982-9200 Fax: (818) 982-0877
To get prices for Die Casting Tooling Molds or Parts: RFQ Die Casting Part Prices

The Parts We Make Today, We Ship Today”

Kinetic Die Casting Company makes:
Die Casting Quality Standards
Die Casting Porosity
Die Casting Draft Angle
Die Cast Parts Company

Aluminum Die Casting Enclosure Box

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Kinetic Die Casting Makes Aluminum Auto Parts

Kinetic Die Casting Company Makes Aluminum Auto Parts – A few months ago, an automotive parts customer contacted me; he makes aluminum hydraulic pumps for cars. He asked if he could move his die casting tooling inserts from his current die casting supplier to Kinetic Die Casting Company. He is getting over 50% leakage rejects from his current die casting supplier due to porosity. His product is prone to porosity because it has very thick material areas and very thin material areas. It would take a special effort to improve his production part process.

We gave him a price that was higher than he was currently paying and he agreed. What happened then was, he sent us his tooling inserts and we mounted his die casting inserts in our mold base and made his aluminum automotive pump parts. He was shocked at the difference. He had very few parts that leaked. We succeeded because we process every die casting job as a special job. Our single piece flow has also become single order flow.

I received this same request from that same customer this week, on a different part. He is also losing over 50% of his parts due to porosity leakage in his pumps. He now knows we can help him. The part cost is higher, but his total cost is much lower because he has fewer failures in his product.

Contact Kinetic Die Casting if you are getting bad products and we will help you.
Die Casting Auto Parts
Die Casting Car Parts
Manufacturing Die Casting Parts
Aluminum Die Casting Company
Photos Die Casting Car Parts

Kinetic Die Casting Company 6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605 USA
E-mail Toll Free: (800) 524-8083 Local: (818) 982-9200 Fax: (818) 982-0877
Die Casting Automotive Parts Prices

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Die Casting Aerospace Parts 2021

Kinetic Die Casting Company makes several types of Die Casting Aerospace Parts. These aerospace die casting parts are used for many types of purposes. Some of these parts are used on many types of aircraft, such as: airplanes, jet planes or helicopters.

Aircraft manufacturers typically specify aluminum die casting to make the aerospace parts because aluminum is lightweight and inexpensive as well as very strong.

  • Lightweight – Aluminum weighs only .098 pounds each cubic inch of material as compared to zinc which weighs about 2.44 pounds each cubic Inch.
  • Inexpensive – Aluminum is the third most common element on earth, so it is more available than other materials. Aluminum is used in over 80% of all die castings produced in the world.
  • Strong – Aluminum parts can be geometrically designed to be stronger than steel. Look up “aluminum is stronger than steel” on Google to see the results.

These aerospace parts range from: airplane engine piston heads, airplane distributor cap housings, fuel system parts, detention ring parts, cargo loading housings, lighting fixture parts, electronic enclosures, electronic housings, motor housings and various other aluminum die casting parts.

The companies that trust us to purchase their die casting parts from Kinetic Die Casting Company are many.

    Here are a few of the aircraft and aerospace companies that we can name:

  • Robinson Helicopter
  • Ancra International
  • Whittaker Controls
  • AAR Cargo Systems
  • Boeing Aerospace
  • Barry Controls
  • Meggitt Aerospace
  • Parker Hannifin Aerospace Corporation (Parker FSD)
  • Circle Seal Aerospace
  • Kelly Aerospace
  • Curtiss Wright
  • Honeywell
  • United Technologies Aerospace

Low Quantities.

Many of these companies order lower quantities. One of the companies listed here will order less than 50 parts at a time. Many of these companies order 250 parts or less. Kinetic Die casting will accept any purchase order quantity.

Contact Kinetic Die Casting Company when you need any of the following: Low Quantities, Great Quality, Fast Delivery.

Kinetic Die Casting Company
6918 Beck Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91605

Kinetic Die Casting Company

Aerospace Die Castings and Aircraft Die Castings
Die Casting Aerospace Parts
Airplane Die Casting Parts
Die Casting Aerospace Part Pictures
Airplane Die Casting Part Pictures

Kinetic Die Casting Company 6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605 USA
E-mail Toll Free: (800) 524-8083 Local: (818) 982-9200
Die Casting Aerospace Parts Prices

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Die Casting: Some Questions Answered in 2021

Die Casting: Some Questions Answered. What is a die? A die is also sometimes called a mold, is tooling to produce die cast parts. A die cast tool is a metal block tool used to make die casting parts. What is die casting? Die casting is the process by which the metalworking industry manufacture and fabricate metal parts; it is a way of forming metal objects by injecting molten metal into a die cast tool or a die cast mold under high pressure. Many copies can be made, over 100,000 parts from each die casting tool, thereby making it an economical process. It is ideal for mass production.

Die Casting Metal Flow Video.

What metal parts can be fabricated using the die casting process? In the automobile industry, this is how cylinder heads and engine blocks are made. Tiny sewing machine parts can also be made in this way, as well as parts for medical devices and refrigeration units, for it is a precision process that creates a precision product. The finished product of a die cast mold has good surface finish, good detail even if it has a complicated design, and it is sharply outlined.

Tooling for die casting is made of steel. What are the kinds of metals used in die casting parts? The metals have to have a low melting point, and they are usually non ferrous (meaning they do not contain iron). Examples of these kinds of metal and metal alloys are zinc alloy, magnesium, tin and lead, brass, aluminum alloy, and copper.

What are the characteristics of a die cast metal? Die casting parts using the prescribed metals make them tough, well-built, heat resistant, stable and molded with precise dimensions. There are various finishing techniques available to metal parts that are made using the die casting process, your choice of smooth or textured, plated or finished some other way.
Kinetic Die Casting manufactures a lot of aluminum rooftile plates , trim tile molds, and military die casting. If you would like a quote, please visit our website: Kinetic Die Casting Company

Kinetic Die Casting Company 6918 Beck Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91605, United States of America
E-mail USA Toll Free: (800) 524-8083 Local: (818) 982-9200
To get prices for Die Casting Tooling Molds or Parts: RFQ Die Casting Part Prices

The Parts We Make Today, We Ship Today”

Kinetic Die Casting Company makes:
Light Fixture Die Casting Parts
Photos Die Casting Parts
Aerospace Die Casting Parts
Roofing Tile Molds Blog
Aluminum Die Casting Light Fixture

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