Aluminum Machining Differs from Steel Parts Machining in 2023

Aluminum Parts Machining Differs from Steel Parts Machining. Aluminum can be used in many ways. However there are different ways on how you can work with it. Aluminum parts machining requires less power compared to steel parts or cast iron parts because they are light weight.

Aluminum parts machining can be different in cast iron machining. It’s the type of tools and tooling technologies that you will use will make a difference.

Kinetic Die Casting Company makes aluminum die cast parts. If you are working with aluminum parts, the spindle of the machine should be strong and forceful. Spindles require higher speeds along with a lesser low-end torque compared to machining other metals like steel. Also, the spindle should be stiff because it will work in very fast conditions. Other experts on this field recommend the use of HSK tapers to ensure accuracy and rigidity. Moreover, if you are using very fast tools, rotating inertia can be reduced with the use of closed-loop spindles powered by a motor.

Furthermore, it requires little cutting forces if you are working out with aluminum parts. The machine has to be well-damped and stiff.

Since you are working with high speeds, there’s a chance of thermal growth. It can create a major problem if you are working out with light metals. It can lead to a major problem if you are working with light metal parts like aluminum.

Find yourself a machine with thermal control system. A cooling system is recommended in order to reduce the frictional heat in the bearings when the higher spindle speeds up. Also, you must protect the spindle against coolant penetration by sealing it because the entire machining operation of a light metal is not dry.

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