Plastic or Aluminum Footprint

Low Carbon Footprint of Aluminum Die Castings Should Be Marketed to Industry. The die casting industry has long been built on recycling. The metal alloys used by the die casters are produced from recycled raw materials, created with far less energy than is required for virgin alloys. More than 95% of the aluminum die castings produced in North America are made of post-consumer recycled aluminum, helping to keep the aluminum content of municipal solid waste to less than 1%.

In response to questions from NADCA member companies about the carbon footprint of automotive die castings compared to alternative materials and processes for automotive components, this Carbon Footprint study by William A. Butler was authorized. Specifically, the study compares the cradle-to-grave carbon footprint of aluminum and magnesium die cast components with the carbon footprint of injection molded plastic components. The results of the study provide environmental impact information to the die casting industry, provide a baseline for further component carbon footprint evaluations in the future and identify opportunities for industry improvement in the environmental impact of die casting operations. One of the most significant study results is that — neglecting the contribution of product use to the total carbon footprint — aluminum die casting has the lowest carbon footprint because of its use of secondary aluminum alloys and its ability to be recycled.

NADCA members can download The “Carbon Footprint” of Aluminum and Magnesium Die Castings Compared to Injection Molded Components at www.diecasting.org/members.

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