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There many advantages of aluminum military parts over plastic parts. Being in the military force is a life-threatening job. Together with this risk is the honor of saving one’s territory, which is one of the reasons why a number of men choose this as their career path. However, their success does not depend on their skills alone. The equipment to be used should also be considered. Look at these Night Vision Goggles made by Kinetic Die Casting Company. We made over 200,000 sets of these aluminum military parts for our customer.

Night Vision Goggles

To help the military in fulfilling their goal, they should know the advantages of aluminum military parts over plastic military parts. Why? Plastic military parts may be cheaper, but it cannot match the advantages given by aluminum military parts. Aluminum military parts can withstand prolong stocking periods. When not in battle, the equipment tend to be stored in the barracks. Unfortunately, some of these fade quickly in terms of quality and usability. It is because some parts are made of a special plastic which is not capable of keeping its condition over time. Aluminum does this, even if exposed to strong chemicals. Moreover, plastic parts are highly vulnerable to damage due to strong impacts. For instance, a rifle had to be dropped. The damage it can give to an aluminum part would not be that severe, but it would be very different for a plastic military part.

These are only a few of the many advantages of aluminum die casting military parts over the plastic parts.

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May 102018

Low Carbon Footprint of Aluminum Die Castings Should Be Marketed to Industry. The die casting industry has long been built on recycling. The metal alloys used by the die casters are produced from recycled raw materials, created with far less energy than is required for virgin alloys. More than 95% of the aluminum die castings produced in North America are made of post-consumer recycled aluminum, helping to keep the aluminum content of municipal solid waste to less than 1%.

In response to questions from NADCA member companies about the carbon footprint of automotive die castings compared to alternative materials and processes for automotive components, this Carbon Footprint study by William A. Butler was authorized. Specifically, the study compares the cradle-to-grave carbon footprint of aluminum and magnesium die cast components with the carbon footprint of injection molded plastic components. The results of the study provide environmental impact information to the die casting industry, provide a baseline for further component carbon footprint evaluations in the future and identify opportunities for industry improvement in the environmental impact of die casting operations. One of the most significant study results is that — neglecting the contribution of product use to the total carbon footprint — aluminum die casting has the lowest carbon footprint because of its use of secondary aluminum alloys and its ability to be recycled.

NADCA members can download The “Carbon Footprint” of Aluminum and Magnesium Die Castings Compared to Injection Molded Components at www.diecasting.org/members.

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Feb 202013

Plastic Parts Injected Molded | Plastic Comparison

Similarities Of Plastic Injection Molded Parts and Aluminum Die Casting Parts. Plastic injection molding and aluminum die casting are similar in a lot of ways:

  • Both require a die, a mold or tooling to produce parts.
  • The dies or tooling costs are very similar in both industries.
  • Both processes inject material with pressure into a mold or die to make parts.
  • Both processes can make a few parts, hundreds of parts or thousands of parts every day.

Plastic Injection Molded Parts

  • Plastic parts are produced at a lower temperature than aluminum parts, plastic melts at only a few hundred degrees Fahrenheit
  • Plastic Parts weigh less than aluminum die casting parts.
  • Plastic is not typically biodegradable
  • Plastic parts require metal inserts to hold a thread for screws.
  • Plastic does not block EMI/RF waves
  • Plastic Parts are not as strong.

Aluminum Die Casting Parts

  • Aluminum die casting parts are stronger than plastic but aluminum parts weigh more than plastic injection molded parts.
  • Aluminum parts are produced in only one color and need paint or powder coat for color. Aluminum can be polished or anodized.
  • Aluminum naturally shields EMI/RF waves to protect electronic circuits.
  • Holes can be die casted in the parts and directly threaded into the aluminum parts.
  • Features can be machined into aluminum and the part remains strong.
  • Aluminum has great thermal transference properties and is used for heat sinks.
  • Aluminum is a natural conductor of electricity and can be e-coated or used as an electrical ground for electronics.
  • Aluminum material is environmentally friendly and can be recycled easily when done. Die casting materials are all recycled materials that were alloyed into a die casting aluminum alloy. All aluminum alloys (360, 380, 383, and 413) are made from recycled materials.

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Jan 062010

Advantages of Aluminum Hardware Brackets over Plastic Parts:

  • Plastic is an insulator, while aluminum is electrically conductive. Plastic parts will need a special coating to achieve a similar result with aluminum (albeit inferior).
  • Plastic does not ground, thus it requires extra grounding metal straps. Aluminum, being a metal, is easily grounded.
  • Aluminum has a natural shield against RF and EMI, preventing radio frequency. Plastic does not block radio frequency.
  • Aluminum hardware brackets are much stronger than plastic injection moldings.
  • Aluminum metal is stiff, while plastic injection moldings are too elastic for numerous applications.
  • Plastic molded parts do not do well for chrome plating.
  • Plastic can not obstruct electromagnetic emissions.
  • Plastic does not do well with many coatings, while aluminum brackets do better on the department.
  • Aluminum parts are stable, whereas plastic injection parts are not quite dimensionally stable.
  • Plastic molded parts do not do well in conditions of hot and humid temperatures. Aluminum hardware is more heat resistant.
  • One big problem with plastic is that they are not recyclable. Only less than 3% of the plastic will be recyclable. Nearly all metals, aluminum die castings in particular, are always readily recyclable.
  • Aluminum die castings are non-hazardous and pose no problems to the government.

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Dec 262009

The Advantages of Cast Aluminum Parts for Music over Plastic Parts. For serious musicians and the musical professionals in the music industry, having instruments that last longer, that sound extraordinarily good, and that are strong and sturdy is very important. Guitar amplifiers, for example, should be able to produce sound as clearly and stable as they can, which is why many manufacturers of amplifiers are now going for aluminum casting for parts. Aluminum castings are normally sturdier and are able to produce sound better than plastic, plus it is easier to shape and quick to produce in numbers. Though plastic is cheaper when it comes to production costs, aluminum casting parts for music last longer, can be shaped into all kinds of complex shapes to make it fit and function better, and it isn’t expensive as well.

But because sound and how guitar amplifiers produce the kind of music certain musicians are after are some of the top priorities when choosing guitar amps, there is still the want for vacuum tube amps despite their heavy weight and constant tuning and annual maintenance. Guitarists for genres such as the blues and rock prefer the sound produced by these vacuum tube guitar amps, but thanks to the advancements in technology even today’s guitar amplifiers can emulate sound that of classic guitars almost perfectly.

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