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Die Casting Aluminum, A Brief Description

Diecasting Aluminum is a manufacturing process in which molten aluminum metal is injected, under pressure, into a hardened steel die or also called mold. Dies are often water-cooled. Dies are then opened, and the aluminum die castings are ejected (many times thousands of parts each day, sometimes only a few hundred). Once the tooling is paid for, aluminum die casting is a very inexpensive aluminum part manufacturing process.

There are many aluminum alloys used for die casting aluminum and die cast parts,
a few we use are:
  • A360 aluminum alloy,
  • A380 aluminum alloy,
  • A383 aluminum alloy,
  • A413 aluminum alloy,
Kinetic Die Casting Company makes parts using die casting aluminum. Die Casting Aluminum is used for several part types and for several different industry types.

Kinetic Parts
Kinetic Die Casting Company
6918 Beck Avenue North Hollywood, California
91605 United States of America
800-524-8083 or 818-982-9200 or fax N/A

Kinetic Die Casting

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