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Die Casting Aluminum, A Brief Description

Diecasting Aluminum is a manufacturing process in which molten aluminum metal is injected, under pressure, into a hardened steel die or also called mold. Dies are often water-cooled. Dies are then opened, and the aluminum die castings are ejected (many times thousands of parts each day, sometimes only a few hundred). Once the tooling is paid for, aluminum die casting is a very inexpensive aluminum part manufacturing process.

There are many aluminum alloys used for die casting aluminum and die cast parts,
a few we use are:
  • A360 aluminum alloy,
  • A380 aluminum alloy,
  • A383 aluminum alloy,
  • A413 aluminum alloy,
Kinetic Die Casting Company makes parts using die casting aluminum. Die Casting Aluminum is used for several part types and for several different industry types.

Kinetic Parts
Kinetic Die Casting Company
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Aircraft Die Castings 2018
In 2018, Kinetic Die Casting Company makes Aluminum Aircraft Parts. Kinetic Die Casting Company is an excellent American Die Casting Company that creates aluminum parts used by the United States Government as military parts. The military parts are often used by most of the divisions of American military in different contracts. The company’s clients purchase [...]
Die Casting Aluminum Process
The die casting aluminum process involves the injection of molten aluminum into molds or casts by using very high pressure. Four essential steps are undertaken in aluminum die casting, first of which is spraying the mold with lubricant and closing the die casting machine. The lubricant is used not only to facilitate casting removal but [...]
Kinetic Aluminum Handles
Kinetic Die Casting Makes Aluminum Handle Hardware. Handle hardware refers to door and cabinet handles, which need to be able to withstand constant pushes and pulls. When it comes to handle hardware, aluminum is one of the best materials to use when manufacturing handles. Aluminum is strong, durable, and sturdy, and is perfect for ensuring [...]
Aluminum Chassis Enclosures
Aluminum Chassis Enclosure Castings. High pressure die casting is the process used to make aluminum box enclosures and chassis housing castings. This process is now becoming more and more popular in several major manufacturing industries because of its many advantages. Furthermore, Aluminum is a great metal to work with. Unlike other metal alloys, it has [...]
Airplane Parts in Plastic or Aluminum
The Advantages of Aluminum Aircraft Parts over Plastic. On comparing aluminum die cast parts with plastic parts in terms of ability to recycle: Plastic: Dilemmas concerning the plastic product’s ability to recycle came up by a nationwide task force, which called for plastics dealers abstain from using the worldwide symbol for recycling in ads, because [...]
Kinetic Lighting Parts
The aluminum die casting manufacturing process is quite similar to permanent mold casting. Both processes start out by melting or liquefying the aluminum, that is going to be used. The melted materials will then be injected into die cast molds castings. The liquid will then take the form of the patterns in the mold castings. [...]
Kinetic Aluminum Brackets
Kinetic Die Casting makes Aluminum Hardware Brackets. The use of aluminum hardware brackets is becoming more and more popular than that of their steel counterparts. Why is that so? Well, basically, the reasons can be unending. From its flexibility to its strength, there is no wonder why people patronize aluminum made ones. From the production [...]
Kinetic Auto Parts
Kinetic Die Casting Company Makes Aluminum Auto Parts – A few months ago, an automotive parts customer contacted me; he makes aluminum hydraulic pumps for cars. He asked if he could move his die casting tooling inserts from his current die casting supplier to Kinetic Die Casting Company. He is getting over 50% leakage rejects [...]
Diecasting Airplane Parts
Die Castings used for many Aircraft Parts. Demand for diecast airplane parts is increasing in the aircraft industry. Airplanes need lightweight materials for mobility. Moreover, planes require durability and resistance to several stresses while flying. Among metals, aluminum is used to serve as frames or skeletons of the aircraft. In the aircraft industry, the strength [...]
Airplane Bracket Castings
Spotting Bracket Die Castings in several very different locations is interesting. While I was traveling in a Boeing 747-700 Airplane I discovered that the “Seat-Back Tray-Table” is held up using by two aluminum die casting parts as Bracket Castings. These bracket castings were attached to the seat back of the seat in front and to [...]

Kinetic Die Casting

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