Pressure Die Casting Cast Aluminum Parts for Music vs Extrusions

Pressure Die casting Cast Aluminum Parts for Music vs Extrusions. Well, don’t be surprised anymore that music owes a lot to aluminum. Indeed, this is a fact especially in terms of musical instruments. A number of parts, even small ones, are made of aluminum metal. And the good thing about this is that the aluminum parts for music are all produced to stand the test of time.

Usually, these parts are manufactured using the process called pressure die casting. However, there are some instances that they are produced through extrusions. Both processes mainly focus in creating quality aluminum music parts. However, pressure die casting is believed to be the better one.

Pressure die casting is done through injecting aluminum through the use of pressure to a mold to make up a durable music part. This process is simple and can be done conveniently and quickly. Most importantly, production is cheaper so the products are cheaper as well. On the other hand, extrusion is the process in where aluminum is pushed through a mold to produce an object. This is very ideal in creating complex and brittle music parts. However, it has major drawbacks in its products such as surface and internal cracking during production.

With the simplicity and convenience brought about by pressure die casting, it goes one step higher than that of sand casting. However, the latter can still boast for its capability to produce complex materials effectively.

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