Feb 282019

Kinetic Die Casting Company uses die casting tooling and die casting molds to make die casting parts for our customers. Some customers send us tooling that was used by other die casting companies to make parts and we will make these aluminum or zinc parts for our customer.

Kinetic Die Casting is offering a Die Casting Tooling Transfer special.
Manufacturing companies can transfer their die casting tooling to Kinetic Die Casting Company and we will make their aluminum or zinc parts in just a few weeks.


Kinetic Die Casting Company, a better die casting part supplier. We make that decision easier.
1. Send us your die casting tooling and die casting molds
2. Send us a purchase order made to us with your old suppliers part prices.
3. We will honor the die casting part price paid to the old die casting part supplier.
4. You will get better die casting parts than you received before.
5. We will ship the die casting parts to you fast.

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Feb 252019

North American Die Casting Suppliers and American Foundry Suppliers serving California casting companies meet once a year. If you are a vendor or supplier, you can save $200 on a display table if you register before February 28th. If you want to visit for dinner only, you can save $20 on dinner tickets if you buy before the 28th. Join us at Rio Hondo Golf and Event Center (Downey) on Thursday, March 7, 2019 as NADCA Chapter 30 and the American Foundry Society Southern California Chapter co-host the metal casting industry’s annual Vendor’s Night.



Every year, California’s two largest metal casting chapters come together to recognize the leading vendors to our industry. Participants enjoy an exciting evening of food, raffle prizes, awards and vendor displays. Visit tables from the industry’s top vendors and see their latest products and services. Our suppliers give away lots of free gifts if you visit their tables. Meet several new suppliers and your competitors.

The event draws dozens of vendors and over 125 attendees from foundries and die casters across California. Vendor’s Night also serves as NADCA Chapter 30’s annual meeting, where the organization elects its board members and bestows the Distinguished Service Award on a leading individual from the die casting industry.

Register today and we will see you then!

James Simonelli,
NADCA Chapter 30
2971 Warren Lane, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

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Feb 212019

Metal alloy die castings have several advantages over their plastic counterparts. Most manufacturers of automobiles, computers, aircraft and other modern devices have considered the use of die cast metal alloy parts for their final products. Plastic component parts only entertain a few parts in some of these industries. But how do die castings compare to plastic parts? This article will try to answer this question.

Comparing Die Casting Parts to Plastic Parts

Die Casting Metal Alloys
Die Casting Aluminum Alloys

Material Characteristics
Compare Polycarbonate to A380 Aluminum alloy

A380 Aluminum Metal
Tensile strength
55-75 MPa / 11 ksi
317 MPa / 46 ksi
Melting Temperature
267 C / 513 F
595 C / 1100 F
Density (weight) kg/m cube
1220 kg/m cube
2740 kg/m cube

A380 aluminum die casting alloy is the most common aluminum die casting alloy. It has a ultimate tensile strength of 317 MPa (46 ksi) Plastic is one the most common manufacturing materials that are utilized for various products. However, component parts that are fabricated from plastics are not as durable as the metal castings. Plastic has a tensile strength of 55-75 MPa (11 ksi) . If you are going to compare this to metal, particularly the cast aluminum, you will find out that plastic has great chances of incurring damages. Aside from this, plastic deteriorates rapidly when consistently exposed to heat. Plastic parts are only applicable for final products that do not require too much application of stress.

On the other hand, die cast metal parts are sturdier than plastics. Metal alloys are more resistant to harmful contaminants and extreme weather conditions. They can even bar the unwanted radio frequencies and electromagnetic emissions in some devices. Metal castings are also known to be good electrical conductors; meaning, they are ideal for housing electrical junctions because the metal surfaces can be easily grounded.

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Feb 182019

The third Monday in February is Presidents’ Day. Washington’s Birthday was a United States federal holiday.
President George Washington
This holiday, celebrated on the third Monday of February in honor of George Washington, our first President of the United States. Now, this day is known as Presidents Day, and is often an occasion to remember all the U.S. presidents, not just George Washington’s actual birthday, February 22 or Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday is February 12th. The term “Presidents’ Day” used to change the holiday into a day honoring multiple American presidents.

Recently, the February holiday is a day in which many retail stores, especially furniture stores and car dealerships, hold discount sales. Until the late 1980s, banks and corporate businesses closed on this day, similar to present corporate and bank practices on Memorial Day or Christmas Day. With the late 1980s advertising push to rename the holiday, more retail businesses are staying open during the holiday each year, and, as on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Veterans Day and Columbus Day. Many colleges and universities hold regular classes and operations on Presidents’ Day. Most U.S. Postal Service delivery services offer regular service on the day.

Happy Presidents’ Day
Kinetic Die Casting Company will be open on this day for regular hours to serve our customers. We are thankful to our customers for their production parts they purchase from us.

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Feb 142019

Aluminum Handles as Die Castings. Aluminum handles can be seen in many buildings because they are the preferred material to be used on handles of any kind. Aluminum Die Casting Alloy is a metal that is very sturdy, relatively cheap, lighter than steel, and is very easy to manufacture. They are sold by many companies worldwide and are mass produced by manufacturing plants which deal with aluminum based products. These handles can be seen in any storage area covering whether they be small or large.

Aluminum die casting handles can be purchased in almost all hardware stores and do-it-yourself stores. In hardware stores, they have their own section which is oftentimes combined with drawer doors and other related items. In DIY stores, they also have their own section although these stores have fewer selections than hardware stores. When looking for an aluminum handle, the specifications of the area on which the handle will be attached to should be known. This is important since handles that are too large will make it difficult to open the storage area whereas handles that are too small will also give the same problem. Usually, people are able to find the aluminum handle that suits them in these stores. However, if they find that they do not like the handles in these stores, they can always look online.

Aluminum handles can be found online in several online stores and retailers. Amazon and eBay both have listings for aluminum handles. Their sources are several manufacturing companies which create these items as part of their product base. People may also visit the website of these manufacturing companies since they may sell the handles at a lower price.

Aluminum Hardware Handle Die Casting

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