Exploring the Process of High Pressure Die Casting 2021

Exploring the Process of High Pressure Die Casting. The process of high pressure die casting is one of the fastest and cost effective methods in shaping metal products. Many manufacturing companies in the fields of automotive, aircraft and electronics use die casting as the primary metal working procedure. It produces high quality products with strong yield and fine finish. It provides strength treatment which is far better than forging, extrusion or sand casting.

The procedure involves two dies: the cover die half and the ejector die half. Between them is the mold cavity. When the dies are fitted together, the plane of intersection is called the parting line. During metal working, molten metal is forced to the mold through an opening in the cover die. This is done with very high speeds, due to the high pressure of injection. These are called “shots.” While the metal is still in liquid form, extreme pressure is applied, compressing the dies. This will be maintained until the metal solidifies.

The process of high pressure die casting is further divided into two groups: cold chamber and hot chamber processes. Basically, both employ high pressure shooting and compression of the molten metal. However, hot processes can only be used on metals with lower melting point. These include copper. Cold processes are used on high melting point metals like aluminum and magnesium. Cold processes take a relatively longer time before the shot is compressed at the dies.

In both methods, the process of high pressure die casting is consistent in producing tough products. They are highly resistant to torsional and tensional stresses, making die casting popular in multiple industries.

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