Die Casting Molds and Die Casting Procedures

Die Casting Molds and Die Casting Procedures. Die casting aluminum is a process in which many industrial products and accessories are produced. And in producing these industrial products and accessories by way of die cast molds, four major steps are considered crucial and important.

The preparation of the molds that will be used in the process is the first step. The molds in question will be sprayed with lubricant and will be closed. The spraying of the lubricant is necessary so as to effectively control the temperature of the die and also to ensure that the finished product will be removed with ease.

Furthermore, when the diecasting molds have been sprayed, the molten metal will then be introduced to the die and this will be subjected under very high pressure. This kind of pressure will be maintained up until the time that the metal has formed. When the metal has been formed within the mold, the die will then be opened and the shot will be ejected by the ejector pins. From here the scrap that includes the runners, flash and the gate will be taken out from the casting which in turn is done with the use of the special trim die in power press.

Also, there is a traditional way of taking the product out of the casting. This is done by hand or can be done by sawing. This will give some rough edges which can be remedied by grinding so as to smooth out the scrap marks. Another way is to tumble the shots and this can be done if the gates present are thin.

Die Casting Molds Tooling
Die Casting Tooling Mold

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