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Tooling Used For Aluminum Die Casting. Tooling is a major requirement in aluminum die casting. During the process of casting, the softened molten metal is injected through custom tooling. The die is then cut into two halves. There is the cover metal die which is mounted on the stationary based platen and the ejector type die, which is actually mounted to a movable platen. Such a design provides the die with the ability to close or open along parting lines. Once the hole is closed, the two die halves will form a type of internal cavity which is filled with hot molten metal in order to form its final casting.

The cavity is formed through 2 inserts. The two inserts are the core and cavity inserts. They are inserted into the cover or ejector die. The cover die provides movement or flow of the molten metal through the injection area. Through a small opening and the cavity, the molten metal will be able to move easily. The ejector die also includes a support plate and a small enclosure called the ejector box, which is well mounted onto the area of the platen. When the clamping separates the 2 halves of the die, the clamping bar will be pushing the ejector plate into the ejector box. The clamps will then push the pins of the ejector to the molded part. The added pressure will eject the clamp from its core insert. In order to perfect the process, multiple cavity die is often utilized and in this type of process the two halves of the die will form several types of identical cavities.

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