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How Die Casting Part Prices are Established

Die Casting Part Pricing – How Die Casting Part Prices are Established.

Kinetic Die Casting Company has a specific pricing model that is similar and also different from our competitors. Here are a few issues to think about when asking for a die casting part price.

  • Die Casting Part Size
  • Die Casting Part Weight
  • Die Casting Material Type
  • Inspection Requirements
  • Die Casting Part Quantity
  • Die Casting Part Tolerances
  • Die Casting Part Specifications
  • Die Casting Tooling Types
  • Additional Labor Needs
  • Die Casting Part Secondary Finishing
  • Other Fees

The die casting part size and weight effect the part price in a few ways, cycle times or parts per hour, the machine tonnage size required to produce the parts and the part material cost, which also relates to the die casting material type.

The inspection requirements can vary depending on if a (1) visual inspection, or a (2) dimensional inspection or a (3) penetration inspection or an (4) X-Ray inspection or a (5) pressure test inspection are required.

The part quantity has an effect because it will determine if some of the many “one time” or “minimum charge” fees are covered in the production lot.

Die casting part specifications and tolerances add additional labor to a simple casting through inspection and documentation.

The die casting tool can effect the part price by how many cavities are in the tool, how many slides are in the tool, whether additional labor can be removed by the tool, and also if a trim die is available. The mold type also has an effect in the set up time for tooling.

Many times additional labor are needed to complete the die casting part, like threading holes, which also adds to the part cost. Can we use high speed production machining or do we need to use CNC machines.

If there is a polish, ball burnish, bead blast, paint or anodize requirement, that will add to the part cost.

Other fees, some die casting companies charge a “Set Up Fees” or an “Environmental Fees” or an “Energy Surcharge Fees” or a packaging or pallet fee, we do not have any of these hidden fees.

Obviously, this newsletter (already too long) cannot give enough details to satisfy everyone but call us at:


and a die casting part price discussion can be scheduled.

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    Kinetic Die Casting is located in North Hollywood,California. KDC specializes in manufacturing zinc and aluminum alloy casting parts. If you would like a quote, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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    Guitar Amplifiers

    Guitar amplifiers were at first used with bass guitars and electronic keyboards, but when broader-bandwidth sounds are needed, other instruments use a suitable full-range speaker system and different power level. Much more amplifier power is required to clearly reproduce low-frequency pitches produced by bass guitars and electronic keyboards, especially at high volumes.

    Some guitar amplifiers used with electric guitars are solid state, because they are easy to repair, lighter-weight, and less expensive. Despite the drawbacks of vacuum tube amps, such as their heavy weight and the need to periodically pay to re-tube and re-bias the guitar amp (every year or two with moderate use), many guitarists prefer the sound of vacuum tube guitar amps, particularly in the genres of blues and rock. There are modern tube guitar amplifier companies that are designing fixed-biased guitar amps that require no tube biasing so long as the proper rating tube is used. There are also tube amps designed to make biasing very simple for the user.

    Some modern guitar amps use a mixture of both tube and solid-state technologies, with 1960s vintage vacuum tubes next to integrated circuits. With the advent of microprocessors and digital signal processing in the late 1990s, modeling guitar amps were developed that can simulate a variety of well-known guitar amplifiers’ vacuum tube sounds without necessarily using vacuum tubes. A new guitar amplifier with special processors and software can emulate the sound of a classic guitar amps almost perfectly, but due to the digital element of modeling the response of these amplifiers from the player’s point of view is not quite the same. “Hard core” tube guitar amp fans may not be able to tell the difference, in a blind auditory test, but will most always choose to play a tube guitar amp because of its analog sensitivity.

    Kinetic Die Casting utilizes die casting to manufacture parts like aluminum car parts, airplane parts, lighting parts and much, much more. If you would like to request a quote, please visit our website:Die Casting quote

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    Aluminum Golfing Parts

    Kinetic Die Casting produces aluminum die casting parts used as Aluminum Golfing Parts. There are many Aluminum Golfing Parts sold everyday in golf shops and sporting goods stores. The heads on some golf clubs are die cast in aluminum. Golf pull carts have aluminum handles, aluminum brackets and aluminum knobs that are die cast in aluminum.

    Aluminum Golfing Parts
    Kinetic Die Casting currently makes two different products that would be considered Aluminum Golfing Parts.

    1. Oakley Sunglass Holder Nosepiece
    2. Hot Biscuits™ Golf Ball Heater

    Kinetic Die Casting specializes in low quantity aluminum die castings for many industries. We have helped many companies with their products, including Aluminum Golfing Parts Companies.

    Kinetic Die Casting manufactures aluminum and zinc die casting parts. Samples of KDC’s work include die cast speaker parts, aluminum tile plates, and other die cast metal parts. If you would like to have a quote please visit our website: Kinetic Die Casting Company

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    Steel Parts verses Aluminum Parts

    Aluminum Die Casting Parts
    Aluminum parts that are die cast are less expensive than steel. Steel parts weigh three times (3x) more than aluminum parts. So, the cost of materials by weight of the part is less. The cost to ship aluminum die casting parts is less than steel parts because of the weight differences. Fabricating a steel part is more labor intensive and time consuming than a die casting aluminum part. The die casting aluminum part can be used as is but a welded steel part will need a paint process to make them acceptable.

    Aluminum Die Casting Part Design
    Aluminum die casting parts can be designed to be very strong. Some aluminum die casting parts have strengthening ribs and gusset radii to increase the strength of the aluminum part. Aluminum die casting parts can be designed to be as strong, or stronger than a steel part.

    Aluminum Die Casting Part Production
    Aluminum die casting parts can be produced at the rate of over 1,000 parts in a day of die casting manufacturing production. The steel fabrication of parts can take as much as 10 days to make 1,000 parts. The cost per part as an aluminum die casting part is less than $3.00. A comparable steel part will cost about $5.00 each steel part and the wait time is ten times (10x) longer than an aluminum part.

    Kinetic Die Casting makes great quality aluminum, and Zinc Die Casting If looking for a job or would like a quote please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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    Automotive Parts Die Castings

    Die Casting Aluminum Auto Parts is fast and inexpensive. We produce several thousand car parts each year using aluminum diecasting. Today we received a purchase order from one our customers to produce over 8,000 aftermarket auto parts. We will diecast these parts using aluminum, we will machine the threaded holes for mounting and then powder coat and ship them in less than eight weeks.

    Kinetic Die Casting manufactures aluminum die castings creating aluminum die casting boxes, aluminum handle hardware, and aerospace die casting. If you would like to get a quote, please visit our website: Kinetic Die Casting Company

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