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Are aluminum die casting parts stronger and cheaper than steel?

Are aluminum die casting parts stronger and cheaper than steel?

How can an aluminum die cast part be stronger than a steel weldament? Kinetic Die Casting, Inc. makes an aluminum die casting Boomerang cam lever part for a lift manufacturer that once was a two pound steel welded unit. This unit consisted of two steel plates, 1/8″ thick, with holes drilled, tapped, and welded to steel spacers with a bushing at each end, then painted. Occasionally, these units would fail in the field. Manufacturing costs ran about $7.00 per part in production quantities of 1,000 each week. Another difficulty is that it took three to four weeks to make the first steel part and only a few 100 could be produced a week. This hindered increased sales.

Kinetic Die Casting now produces these parts in aluminum die casting that weigh only 3/4 pounds; the steel unit weighed over two pounds. The aluminum die casting parts are stronger (3x greater axial load) and more reliable. There is no need for paint on the aluminum die casting parts. The Kinetic Die Casting part price of each die casting unit is less than $3.00.

Kinetic Die Casting can help you develop an aluminum die casting that will reduce weight, increase strength, and cost you less money.

Advantages of the Aluminum Die Cast Part over the Steel Weldament:

  • 3x greater axial load strength.
  • Fewer part failures in the field and fewer returns to the OEM.
  • Part weight is 2.5x less in aluminum saving money in shipping cost.
  • Production quantities (1,000’s) within a few days instead of weeks as before.
  • Production rate is faster as an aluminum die cast part.
  • Raw part manufacturing cost is 2.3x less as an aluminum die cast part.
  • Finishing cost is less as an aluminum die cast part.
  • Better looking parts as a die cast part.
  • More details here http://www.kineticdiecasting.com/steel.html

Kinetic Die Casting Company

Kinetic Die Casting manufactures die cast parts for their customers. If you would like to know more about what is die casting or if you would like a quote, please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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The advantages of Die Casting Aluminum Boxes over Steel Boxes

The advantages of Die Casting Aluminum Boxes over steel boxes. One should know The advantages of Die Casting Aluminum Boxes over steel. This will enable the person to know what is more suitable to him. So what are its advantages?

First, Aluminum boxes are durable. Steel is also durable but it is heavy when compared to aluminum which is lighter and therefore, easier to transport and work with. When transporting animals and equipment, aluminum boxes are more preferable because they do not add too much weight unlike steel boxes which are heavier. Since steel parts are heavier, their transportation costs are also higher. Since aluminum boxes weigh 1/3 of the steel part weight, they are also cheaper. Second, aluminum boxes can also last for years without compromising the safety of the materials inside it. Unlike steel which may be destroyed by rust as time goes on, aluminum boxes are rust proof so they can carry out their purpose without the problem of rust. Aluminum boxes can also cope with sudden shock or impact, making sure that the electronic components inside the box are still safe. These boxes can also disperse and absorb electromagnetic inductance and radio waves or frequencies so the electronic components are not affected unlike steel boxes which do not have this capacity.

To get a price for aluminum die casting parts or die casting tooling, call toll free 800-524-8083 and ask for sales. Or email us at sales@kineticdc.com for a fast response on a price quote.

Kinetic Die Casting utilizes die casting to manufacture parts like aluminum car parts, airplane parts, lighting parts and much, much more. If you would like to request a quote, please visit our website:Die Casting quote

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The Advantages of Aluminum Chassis Castings Over Steel

The Advantages of Aluminum Chassis Castings Over Steel. High pressure die casting is the process used to make aluminum die cast parts and chassis castings. This process is now becoming more and more popular in several major manufacturing industries because of its many advantages.

Aluminum is a great metal to work with. Unlike other metals, it has plenty of strengths. The metal can be found almost everywhere in the planet. Supply will not run out, so it is easy to acquire and not heavy on your pockets.

Advantages of aluminum chassis castings over steel include:

  • Aluminum can be stronger than steel
  • three times greater axial load strength
  • Faster production rate. In fact, production quantities can be done within a few days instead of several weeks!
  • Fewer failures and returns to the OEM
  • Weight is lighter by two and a half times for lesser shipping costs
  • Less finishing costs
  • Raw parts manufacturing costs are much less
  • Better looking parts

You can produce aluminum die casts according to your preference and specifications, such as the trim, clean, machine, inspect, powder coat and the package of your aluminum cast parts.

All in all, the use of aluminum castings over still helps you reduce weight, boost strength, and save you more money.

Kinetic Die Casting Company can manufacture aluminum car parts, aluminum hardware, and Aluminum Lighting Partsaluminum lighting parts

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The Advantages of Aluminum Handle Hardware Over Steel

The Advantages of Aluminum Handle Hardware Over Steel. There are many places and functions for handle hardware. You’ll find handles in doors, cabinets, drawers, kitchen cupboards, and the list goes on. The question here when picking out handle hardware is, “Which one has more advantages over the other, aluminum handle hardware or steel handle hardware?” According to manufacturers and experts in this industry, there are several materials that are normally used to make handle hardware: aluminum, steel, and brass to name a few. The most common and favorable among the many handle hardware materials is aluminum, and this article will explain why.

  • Aluminum parts are lighter in weight as compared to steel parts. Nobody wants to exert too much effort just to pull a handle to open a door or drawer, so people go for aluminum handles.
  • Another reason is because of the durability and strength of aluminum handle hardware. Aluminum handle hardware can be made into all kinds of shapes and sizes, so production is easier, faster, and long-lasting. Handles made from other materials are normally welded together, but despite that it is still not as strong as those made with aluminum.
  • Lastly, aluminum is cheaper when it comes to production costs as compared to steel. Manufacturers are able to produce up to a thousand and more aluminum handle hardware in a day.

Kinetic Die Casting manufactures aluminum military parts, aluminum hardware, and aluminum die castings. Visit our website for a quote: Kinetic Die Casting Company

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Keeping in Place – Aluminum Brackets Hardware

Keeping in Place – Aluminum Brackets Hardware. In many things, Aluminum Brackets Hardware is used to keep parts in place as they do not move. This is an important part when it comes to lighting fixtures, fountains and other products. Brackets are also used in construction as they hold the beams in place while they are being finished. Aluminum Brackets Hardware is an integral part of many industries. But, why use aluminum instead of steel?

First of all, aluminum is easier to find compared to steel. It is abundant almost all over the world and could be mined easily. As far as characteristics are concerned, aluminum is stronger, tougher and more durable than steel. It can hold on its own and it can last longer. In terms of weight, aluminum is better as well. Its weight is just a third of the weight of steel of the same size and shape. Furthermore, die casting Aluminum Brackets Hardware makes it even stronger compared to steel.

When making brackets out of steel, workers will have to weld several pieces together as they can’t be moved in a single piece due to their weight. These welding points can create weak spots in the bracket. Aluminum Brackets Hardware on the other hand is created via die casting, this means no welding is necessary in making these parts. They start by melting the metal into liquid. This is then poured into pre-made molds which when it cools, the metal inside hardens once again. The result is consistent and of high quality. Plus, the process of die casting is cheap as well.

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