Jun 042012

The Many uses of Die Casting Aluminum Boxes. Kinetic Die Casting Company makes many types of aluminum boxes using the die casting process. These “Boxes” are also known as “Chassis” or “Enclosures” and “Housings”.

This aluminum box known as a Guitar Amplifier Chassis, was used in the music industry:
Die Casting Chassis
Guitar Amplifier Chassis Die Casting

This is an aluminum die casting part that was developed here at Kinetic Die Casting Company for a company called Damage Control. Damage Control purchased thousands of these aluminum Guitar Amplifier Chassis from us in 100-200 part increments, complete and ready for assembly. The tool to produce this part has three slides and the tool cost them around $20,000 to produce. The part cost is around $3.00 each part.

This die casting part is a military housing:
Military Part Housing Die Casting
Military Die Casting Photos

This part is an aluminum die casting that Kinetic Die Casting Company does a radio-graphic inspection then impregnates and then machines the required threads and complete the part with a chemical film prior to painting the part. These parts are purchased in lots of 50-100 parts.

This next item is a lot more common. This is an electrical conduit housing:
Conduit Housing Die Casting
Kinetic Die Casting company produced 16,000 parts for this company every week before they were purchased by a much larger company and moved to India.

Evidently, there are several types of aluminum boxes produced as a die casting part. We can help you with your aluminum box product development. Cal us today to review your aluminum box part design.

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Apr 122010

Where do you find Aluminum Chassis Castings? Chassis, in its basic word usage, is the frame of any inanimate object. It is like the skeleton of human beings and animals. It holds the vital organs – or in the case of machines, the engine and other important parts – and keeps everything securely in place.

The term chassis is commonly used for vehicles. It serves as the frame of the vehicle, holding the engine and other important parts. The same applies to military tanks. The vehicle chassis includes the driver’s seat and other lower parts of the car or vehicle. When you talk about chassis, it also applies to electronics. An electronics chassis is a mounting case for all the microchips that an appliance or a computer might need for its different functions.

So where do you find aluminum chassis castings? Well, the first question would be, “what kind of chassis are you looking for?” As already mentioned, there are different chassis for different materials. If you are looking for a vehicle chassis casting, then you should basically look for it in places where vehicles are manufactured and sold. Of course, it would probably be impossible to buy one from car manufacturers. The easiest way would be to check the Internet for the specific model you are looking for. For electronics chassis, you can find some in electronics sale and repair shops.

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Mar 122010

Examples of Aluminum Chassis Castings. Since the discovery of aluminum and the progress of isolation technology, aluminum has become an integral part of different industries. It has had a lot of uses in both large and small machines and computers.

Aluminum is also an important material for constructing chassis casting. What are chassis? Chassis is the frame or the body of any object. In cars, it is the lower part that holds the engine, the seats and other parts that keep the car running. The same applies to other land vehicles. In computers and electronics, the chassis is the motherboard that contains all the microchips and connectors to make the appliance work.

So what are the Examples of Aluminum Chassis Castings? What are the objects that have aluminum chassis?

As already mentioned, vehicles are one of the things that pop up in anyone’s mind when it comes to chassis. An ordinary car or minivan may have an aluminum chassis. The same goes for commercial buses and taxis. Even in small vehicles like toy cars, one can encounter chassis castings. Make-your-own-toy-car kits have aluminum or plastic chassis with castings for the other parts of the toy car.

You can also find chassis castings for electronics like radios and television sets.

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Kinetic Die Casting Company can manufacture aluminum car parts, aluminum hardware, and Aluminum Lighting Partsaluminum lighting parts

Jan 222010

Chassis are Aluminum Too. Manufacturers are maximizing the abundance of aluminum. Nowadays, people can see aluminum everywhere: in their houses, offices, streets. This is because aside from the fact that aluminum is very easy to acquire, it also has different chemical and thermal properties that are suitable in different equipments. You can see aluminum from very simple parts like lighting fixtures to complicated ones like automotive parts. The production of aluminum parts depends on how precise the parts should be.

Chassis is one of the examples that can be produced using aluminum. Aluminum is a perfect choice for this because aluminum can withstand high temperatures and people know that generally, chassis is exposed to high temperatures may it be in cars or musical equipments. One of the processes that can be used in chassis production is die casting. In this process, the metal will be melted by exposing to extremely high temperature and will be injected in the mold or “die”. The die will be set aside until the metal solidified and then the casts or the parts will be removed to the die. In one die, many aluminum chassis casts can be made and the production is also faster as compared to other metals. This makes aluminum so economical for the abundance and mass production possibilities.

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Jan 042010

The Advantages of Aluminum Chassis Castings Over Steel. High pressure die casting is the process used to make aluminum die cast parts and chassis castings. This process is now becoming more and more popular in several major manufacturing industries because of its many advantages.

Aluminum is a great metal to work with. Unlike other metals, it has plenty of strengths. The metal can be found almost everywhere in the planet. Supply will not run out, so it is easy to acquire and not heavy on your pockets.

Advantages of aluminum chassis castings over steel include:

  • Aluminum can be stronger than steel
  • three times greater axial load strength
  • Faster production rate. In fact, production quantities can be done within a few days instead of several weeks!
  • Fewer failures and returns to the OEM
  • Weight is lighter by two and a half times for lesser shipping costs
  • Less finishing costs
  • Raw parts manufacturing costs are much less
  • Better looking parts

You can produce aluminum die casts according to your preference and specifications, such as the trim, clean, machine, inspect, powder coat and the package of your aluminum cast parts.

All in all, the use of aluminum castings over still helps you reduce weight, boost strength, and save you more money.

Kinetic Die Casting Company can manufacture aluminum car parts, aluminum hardware, and Aluminum Lighting Partsaluminum lighting parts