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What Auto Parts

The most abundant metals found on earth is aluminum. Aluminum die casting is strong, flexible, lightweight, recyclable, malleable, and corrosion-resistant. These properties are factors that make the aluminum a great choice for material in producing cars and aluminum die casting car parts.

Die Casting, rolling, extrusion, or forging can be used to manufacturing with aluminum. When rolled under extreme pressure, the aluminum becomes thinner and longer. It becomes any of the three widely used forms: plate, sheet, and foil.

In North America, transportation is representative of the largest market for aluminum manufacturing. Where manufacturing of cars and trucks are concerned, the aluminum is the second most widely used component. Top reason for this is because producers are keen in improving the gas mileages of their vehicles. Since aluminum is about one-third the weight of steel, the entire vehicle mass can be reduced significantly. Aluminum Auto Parts Manufacturing will Gain Momentum.

As car manufacturing continue to conduct research about aluminum die casting and how best they can use this metal to manufacture excellent quality vehicles, more companies will start turning to aluminum as an alternative material to steel and iron.

These days, aluminum auto parts made of aluminum die castings include: valve covers, aluminum alloy wheels, carburetors, as well as body and closure panels, or flooring. Aluminum die casting manufacturing is still used at a very low volume. Mass manufacturing production will only be feasible once research finds out how aluminum die casting can really become more useful than steel or as strong as steel.

Concerns for reliability and safety are the major factors that inhibit the full blast manufacturing of major car parts. As car makers gain more confidence in the methods and techniques to manufacture high-quality aluminum die casting auto parts, the public is yet to drive the more economical cars made out of aluminum die casting.

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Steel Parts verses Aluminum Parts

Aluminum Die Casting Parts
Aluminum parts that are die cast are less expensive than steel. Steel parts weigh three times (3x) more than aluminum parts. So, the cost of materials by weight of the part is less. The cost to ship aluminum die casting parts is less than steel parts because of the weight differences. Fabricating a steel part is more labor intensive and time consuming than a die casting aluminum part. The die casting aluminum part can be used as is but a welded steel part will need a paint process to make them acceptable.

Aluminum Die Casting Part Design
Aluminum die casting parts can be designed to be very strong. Some aluminum die casting parts have strengthening ribs and gusset radii to increase the strength of the aluminum part. Aluminum die casting parts can be designed to be as strong, or stronger than a steel part.

Aluminum Die Casting Part Production
Aluminum die casting parts can be produced at the rate of over 1,000 parts in a day of die casting manufacturing production. The steel fabrication of parts can take as much as 10 days to make 1,000 parts. The cost per part as an aluminum die casting part is less than $3.00. A comparable steel part will cost about $5.00 each steel part and the wait time is ten times (10x) longer than an aluminum part.

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