How to get a Die Casting Tooling Price

Die cast tooling is complex to price. KDC tries to match the Die Casting tool to the needs of our customers. Many times, an inexpensive insert is all that is necessary or sometimes a Class A Die Casting Mold is necessary. Our customer only needs to send us a final part design. This part design needs to indicate the most critical areas for the design. We will also need to know how many parts our customer suspects will be required from the die casting tooling. If the quantities are very great, the tool will not last and you will need to pay again for the die casting tools.

Die cast tooling comes in various forms:
1. Die Cast Tooling Inserts
2. Prototype Die Cast Tooling Inserts
3. Unit Die Tooling
4. Complete Class “A” Die Cast Die or Mold Tooling
5. Die Cast Family Mold Tooling
6. Trim Dies for Die Cast Parts

We have produced tooling for many products for our customers. To see some of those tools and see pictures of the parts, …………...READ MORE

Tooling Holders: Mold Bases for Die Casting Inserts:
Kinetic Die Casting Company has several available die casting moldbases or Mold Bases for insert tools. If your company has die casting inserts only, we will mount your die casting inserts into one our available die casting tooling holders and make your parts.
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Kinetic Die Casting makes great quality aluminum, and Zinc Die Casting If looking for a job or would like a quote please visit our website:Kinetic Die Casting Company

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