Aluminum Alloy Casting

The Process of Aluminum Castings. Die casting is probably not a new term for you because everywhere you look; you will see parts and equipments that employed this process for them to be created. Now, aluminum is among the few metals that can be utilized in casting metals. These processes of aluminum casting are the following: permanent mold casting, die casting, investment casting, plaster casting, sand casting (include dry sand and green sand), and continuous casting. Some of the other processes in aluminum casting also include squeeze casting, lost foam, and hot iso-static pressing.

Basically, there are various factors that should be taken to account in the selection of a particular casting process specially in making a detailed aluminum alloy part. Among the most vital factors consist of:

* Quality factor.
* Feasibility
* Cost factor

When talking about feasibility, a lot of aluminum alloy castings may be done using any available methods but for general castings, this process is highly determined by the dimensions or the features of the design. Furthermore, the quality factor is considered as well. Be reminded that the term “quality” when applied to casting would refer to the degree of reliability as well as the levels of mechanical properties which include the strength and ductility. The act of determining the act is also important.

Aluminum castings are considered as easy process as compared to manufacturing other kinds of products but expertise is still needed because not all people can do it properly. In fact, good skill and reliable materials are compulsory in this procedure.

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