Die Casted Aluminum Hardware Handles

Die Casted Aluminum Hardware Handles. In creating large amounts of small to medium sized parts made from non ferrous materials such as tin, zinc, copper and aluminum based alloys, the best method to use is known as die casting. Die casting is a manufacturing process which can be very useful to most companies who makes automobiles, guitar amplifiers, house lighting and other products which need aluminum parts. Aluminum Hardware Handles are among those which can be created in a fast and efficient manner using die casting. Most companies prefer to use aluminum for these handles because due to their purpose, it takes a lot of beating overtime. Being pushed and pulled all the time, hardware handles need to be strong, and since aluminum is said to be as strong if not stronger than steel, it makes for a good candidate.

Also, Aluminum Handles will not only last longer compared to using other materials, they are cheaper as well. Aluminum can be harvested almost anywhere and in vast quantities, which is why they are cheap. But, how exactly does die casting Aluminum Hardware Handles work?

The first step that is taken in this process is to melt the aluminum. Once it is molten metal, it is then injected into molds which give the liquid its new shape. Using intense amounts of pressure which ranges from 1,500 to 30,000 pounds per inch, the liquid is forced into every cavity of the mould. When the molds cool down, the result is Aluminum Hardware Handles. The best part is that these handles have good surface quality, accurate dimensions and each product is consistent with the other.

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